My Meeting With the Little Prince

When I was six years old, I had read a book that describes primordial forests. This triggered me to draw a picture of a boa constrictor cut open. And it was digesting an elephant. But this idea did not get the approval of the adults, out of frustration, I had to choose another profession, so learned to fly a plane.

I lived alone until my plane crashed in the desert three years ago. When my plane broke down, I had no passengers or technicians with me and had to do difficult repairs on my own.

Since I had barely enough water to drink for a week, I had to go out in search of water. To my surprise, I met a little boy with his head down in a daze who asked me to draw him a sheep. And he promised to give me plenty of water. After a series of drawings, he was not satisfied. Because I was in a hurry to overhaul the plane, I sketched a box for him and told him that the sheep were in it.

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Nevertheless, he was perfectly satisfied and told me that his name was the little prince.

Whereupon I took it back to my plane. Later, I knew the little prince came from a star in the sky which is called NO. B612. Their planet was so small that one day he saw the sunrise thirty-seven times. He also kept a small flower, the only one that bloomed on their planet. Every morning when he looked at it, the little prince felt very happy.

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These days of calm are finally broken by a letter, which states that the planet where the little prince lives are no longer habitable because of global ecological damage and that life there will disappear. The little prince didn’t want to leave the flowers he cared for, but the only way he could possibly save the planet was to visit nearby planets and help them improve their ecology. After hearing this, the flower did not want to encumber the little prince, so one night she left a few words: ‘goodbye, I hope that when I come back next time, our planet will still be the same.’ Not wanting to betray the flower that had trusted him, the little prince set out on a journey to help the surrounding planet.

The first planet the little prince came to was ruled by an overbearing king. He is very domineering and claims to rule the planet. Because the king’s legs were not strong, the place had not been cleaned for a long time, and the place was very untidy. So, the little prince promised to help him, in return, the king promised to let him see the sunrise. A few days later, the planet was thriving again, and the little prince saw the sunrise he had not seen for a long time. He set off for the next planet.

The second planet he came to was inhabited by a vain man. Every day he thought about how he could make others worship him, and he didn’t care about the environment of the planet. Besides, everyone who wants to stay on this planet has to say a good word about him. No one had visited him for a long time because of the planet’s bad environment. Then the little prince told him that I could improve the condition of your planet so that more people would like to visit and praise you. He happily agreed. At last both the little prince and the conceited man had their dreams come true. The planet became a better place and more tourists came to visit it.

The planet that the little prince will visit next is inhabited by an alcoholic. All he does is drink, sleep when he is drunk, and throw bottles everywhere, which makes the planet worse and worse. When the little prince asked him why he drank, he said he drank to forget his shame. The little prince could not understand, so he had to clean up the planet for him, and left without saying a word.

The fifth planet is very strange. It is the smallest of all the planets. It was small enough to hold only a street lamp and a lamplighter. The lamplighter did his duty faithfully, lighting and turning off the lights in strict accordance with the rules even when no one came. As the planet went faster and faster, it now went around every minute, leaving him no time to rest and no time to take care of the planet’s environment. Then the little prince came up with an idea for him. If he walked slowly, he would always be in the sun and would have more time to do other things. Sure enough, when the lamplighter listened to his advice, he had more time to rest and the planet became more ecologically friendly.

At last, the little prince came to earth. He met a flower in the desert. The flower told him that the environment was so bad that few people would come and she felt lonely. So, the little prince decided to take it with him. Along the way, he met many people. The little prince explained to everyone the importance of protecting the environment and made his own contribution.

He finally decided to return to his own planet. One day I saw a message from the little prince: ‘when you are unhappy, just look up at the stars. All beauty is worth feeling with your heart”.

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