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“THE LITTLR PRINCE,” A fascinating philosophical tale which is composed by a French pilot, “Antoine de Saint-Exupery.” By going through this novel one can reveal many aspects of life that doesn’t really appear to be a matter of consequence; eventually this may upheaval the reality. This novel is a compilation of fellowship, love, loss, mystery and understanding of hearts and minds. In 1943 he composed it out of his experiences over the Sahara desert that became his most popular book. A captivating novel that reflects the actuality of life, when one engage to it that person would find the truth by going into its depth, not just by what shows up on the surface but what’s invisible.

The author of the novel is unalike all adults. He was an imaginative and creative child; he gave up on his drawing since he drew a boa constrictor that he saw in a book when he was six. Tragically, adults recognized it as a hat they see that’s self apparent exterior and couldn’t see what’s on the inward surface.

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The grown-ups like to bounce to the primary conclusion they see and most likely don’t go for a next thought. But when he encountered the small man on the desert who was questioning to draw him a sheep instead the maker drew him an elephant in a boa constrictor. He immediately recognized it and said, “No, No, No! I don’t want an elephant inside a boa constrictor. What I need is a sheep.

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Draw me a sheep.”

The storyteller is a pilot who got stuck in the Sahara due to some technical default in his plane’s engine; there he met this little fellow who came to planet Earth after exploring many other planets and met different kinds of people from the king to a drunkard. This little fellow that owns a heart of a child, he was innocent and never hesitate to ask a question but never like to reply any. His character represents a naive child who is free from inhumanity, a reflection of love and understanding, the one who appreciate whatsoever little they own and loves to see sunsets. While exploring other planets he met many individuals those who were busy in doing senseless things, as he was sharing his experience with the pilot. At the same time the pilot thought that he wanted to be a painter, which might have been turn out good for him but he gave up on this thought as the adults couldn’t understand his drawings.

“Grownups never understand anything by themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them”. This reflects on many around us that most of us give up on the things they are good at just because that doesn’t please others. Even though there’s always someone who understands as for the narrator it was the little prince. Not because he came from another planet but he wasn’t unlike other grownups. Adults are busy in just running from one platform to another while they don’t know their destination.

Over the time they became good companions to each other, little prince told him about his planet that consist of his beloved and unique flower and 3 volcanoes that happen to be till his knees from which one was extinct. He left his home planet because of the inconvenience created between him and the rose. And because of the fact that he wanted a sheep which can eat baobabs plant before that turns into a tree and destroy his home planet which he cared about too much. The pilot drew him a box and told him the sheep that he’s asking for is inside. The ability of the little man to accept that the sheep is inside concludes the inability of the adults to not recognize a boa constrictor. As there’s always a point in life where you meet someone and surprised by the fact that how someone could actually understand you. Otherwise you bring your level down to his level and talk about things you are not interested in but just because they won’t understand so you won’t initiate the talk anyway.

On the 8th day, they ran out of water so they both were in a search of a well in a desert while walking they realized how they both were enchanted by each other’s company. But the constant thought of rose was troubling the little prince as the geographer told him that flowers are ephemeral and they won’t last forever and he left her all alone there and she got only three thorns to protect her. Finally they reached to a well, the little prince taught the same lesson as fox taught the little prince about the one you adore. The pilot was disappointed that the little prince is leaving, as he salutes the pilot on settling his plane. Creating more uneasiness, the little fellow clarifies that his rose needs him, and at that point falls calm. The wind strikes at the prince’s lower leg and he falls so smoothly that he does not make a sound. The next morning, the story teller couldn’t find his body and believed that he had reached to his planet.

After the pilot returned, to console his sorrow he wrote about the little mysterious man he met on the desert and still he looks up at the sky wondering what he’s doing and miss his enchanted laugh. He suggested his readers, “Look up at the sky. Ask yourself, “Has the sheep eaten the flower or not?” And you’ll see how everything changes. And no grown-up will ever understand how such a thing could be so important!” The little prince is a story from which adults and children both could learn basic life lessons. Not every time it’s important to always talk in figures if asteroid b-612 exists then little prince too. This novel was suggested to us because every character in this play showcase a character that one is playing in his life.

Character analysis

  2. Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the storyteller of the novel “The little prince.” At the age of six, he gave up on his sketching skills because the grownups weren’t able to understand his drawing of a boa constrictor swallowing an elephant. His character reflects a normal creative human being who is more likely to observe things in a different way and just not jumps to the conclusion right away. A little child is always there alive that is curious to know about things as the narrator used to show that drawing to those who seemed all clear sighed to him but when they too consider it as a hat. He never talked to them about it as they won’t discover the truth. He said “I would bring myself down to his level. Talk about golf, politics and neckties and the grownups would be pleased to have met such a sensible man.” Like all our life we met different types of people and all don’t really seem to understand us. We’re in a continuous process of learning and developing. The little prince who was naive and innocent taught him many things including what fox taught him. The relation of the pilot and the prince is a bond of companionship as prince love for his rose made him bit by the snake. To console his sorrows the narrator serves us with this beautiful story full of lessons and explorations.

  4. The Little prince home planet was asteroid b-612. A little innocent prince, who had been too many other planets and met different kinds of people, when he visited the earth, landed on the desert where he met Antoine, who was stuck there since his plane crashed in the Sahara desert. He was a small curious creature who likes to inquire many numerous questions and never really appear to reply any. He was a little bundle of joy with a bright lucid heart; he left his beloved rose on his planet and came down. He used to tell many stories to the narrator, his lovely laugh was enchanting. A character that we can find in an innocent child that doesn’t really seem to answer your question as this indicates that one’s answer is always important than answering. The small ruler tamed the fox became his friend. Fox made him learn the most beautiful lesson that “what is essential is visible to the eye” and the one you tame become the one you adore and always may stay the same indeed in spite of the fact that there are numerous like them but that one would continuously be unique to you. The prince taught the story teller the same lesson when he left for his planet.

  6. The prince experienced the king at the beginning when he took off to explore other planets; he called himself the lord as he ruled over the whole universe and orders them to do what they are as of now doing and would do even without his command. When the prince asked the king to show him the sunset he refused by saying “he must wait until conditions are favorable.” King offered him to be the minister of Justice but the prince acquired that there’s no one to judge, so the king suggested him to judge himself as it’s the hardest thing to do. As being vulnerable, he answered I can do it anywhere and left. The crowned man sitting on a chair with no one to rule to but he commands to those who would already do what they do. As this reflects that there are people who like to tell others what to do even if they don’t have to. Same as another important lesson that hardest thing of all is to judge oneself.

  8. On his visit to the other planet he met a unsuccessful conceited man who put his cap half way up out of regard. He needed the prince to respect and admire him but why he needed to be appreciated the small creature inquired as he’s the only one on his planet. Besides conceited men are frequently those who pine for reverence for the small they do or for nothing. Indeed in spite of the fact that he was the only one on his planet but still he was inquisitive about getting appreciate by whoever pass by. In our circle I’ve come around to those who like to get adored by others even though everyone is unique and beautiful in their ownself.

  10. Third one that he gone to was occupied by inebriated man. He’s a pitiful and silly man who utilized to drink persistently so that he might disregard that he is embarrassed of drinking. Seeing this the prince said, “The grownups are certainly very odd.” Drunkard reflects to those who persistently do wrong things until they feel right doing the wrong thing.

  12. Fourth planet was occupied by a business man; he was too busy in his calculations that he didn’t even greet his visitor. He counted stars and have record of them since he claims the stars. Because he thought of them first even though he can’t contribute to them or have them. This was the most foolish thing to do as humans sometimes do the same they hold onto something they can never have. They kept themselves so busy all their lives chasing something that won’t have.

  14. The only planet which didn’t seemed crazy to the prince. Hence, the planet was tinniest of all. Though switching lights on and off was aimless but what made prince to admire him was his devotion to his orders. The lamplighter may be a character that instructs us to do our work with earnestness and devotion.

  16. The planet he gone to next was occupied by a geographer. Who take records from the pioneers with respect to sea, mountains and oceans but didn’t know much around his possess planet because it was the assignment of pioneers. From him small prince knows about the ephemeral nature of blossom that his flower won’t final until the end of time. The geographer prompted the prince to visit next the planet earth. The character of geographers is reflects the one who knows particular things and may direct you but small do they know about their possess stuff.

  17. SNAKE
  18. The snake was the one he met after arriving on the planet Earth. The wind told him that it’s the Sahara that’s why there are no men. Small creature showed him his planet within the sky and to the wind this creature appeared decent. He utilized to conversation in enigmas Snake is continuously to be considered as a creature which controls and can slaughter an individual but in this he’s decent to the small person. But at the same time you could never trust a snake as its one bite can make a person die.

  19. FOX
  20. Fox was the one who instructed him a little more about love and fellowship. Fox told the little mate to tame him, as fox told him that, “The one you tame will be one of a kind for you within the entirety world.” He made him learn what is imperative in life and before the takeoff of the small mate; fox told him a mystery, “what is essential is visible to the eyes.” He made him realize that he is dependable for his rose and three volcanoes since he’s their guardian. Fox showed us the reality of life as individuals don’t appreciate what they have. And nothing in the world can make their beloved seem less unique or important.

  22. The next halt was at the railroad, switch man told him that he sent thousands of travelers every day on and off and all are miserable adults going in and coming out. The prince acquired that weren’t they happy where they were? On this he answered,”no one is ever satisfied where he is.” As all adults are asleep they don’t appear to utilize their hearts and minds fair pitifully running and seeking after nothing. They both concurred that children at slightest know what they are seeking out for. Humans are continuously running in a race, they are so occupied with themselves that they forget what they are actually here for.

  24. Now he met a merchant who was selling pills to extinguish thirst so that would save their time and that time could be utilized in something else. Little prince was disgust with this thought and if he would get the time he would still utilize it in drinking water. This symbolizes that how we are creating shortcuts in our world. And cutting off things that are important for us.

  26. The lonely flower that little prince found in desert. She informs the prince about the passing hunters that men only kill and do no good. By this we get that we only tell what we seek based on our experience.

  28. On his way he experienced a garden full of roses that made him think of his cherished bloom that he thought was one of a kind. He cried on his hardship but afterward with the assistance of fox he learned that all these roses can’t halt his rose to be unique. This is excellently symbolizes that the one you adored since the one you love is continuously one of a kind and distinctive for you.

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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