Tea Estate Visits Require Trekking Through Tea Plants

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Visits to all three tea estates will only be completed if you actually take the time and effort to walk down or up through the maze of tea plants. If you drop buy in the morning, you will get to see the tea pickers cutting out the tea leaves and bundling up the leaves on a big rattan basket. Take time to pick up those loose tea leaves dropped on the ground and smell it. You’ll be amazed that fresh tea leaf actually smells sweet! Also, I wouldn’t recommend you to go picking on the tea leaves.

I doubt that you are allowed to do that.

Other than that, you have to pay a visit at the Tea Factory and Tea Shop to learn about tea processing and buying a couple of packets of tea as well. If you are visiting Boh Tea Estate at Habu, take sometime to hike up a steep flight of stairs that will lead you to the highest point of the estate (I think).

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From there you get to see a beautiful bird’s eye view of the Boh plantation. It will be worth the long hike up the stairs, that’s for sure! At about 10.00 p.m., we were welcomed by the bone-chilling weather and the dark atmosphere of Cameron Highlands, trembling with exhaustion and craving for dinner. After dinner (or shall I say supper), we performed the jamak prayers and went straight to bed.

In the morning of 22 January 2012, we woke up to the freezing air emanated by nature's air conditioner .

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The tap water was ice-cold but luckily our apartment is equipped with hot shower. We rented 3 Royal Lily apartments located in Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. Each apartment has 3 rooms. Thank you Cikde and Ciksu for sponsoring our accommodation ^_^. May Allah bless both of you with eternal wealth and happiness. Here's the picture of our apartment:

Level 1 - Was for grandmothers, aunts & uncles. The centre for cooking, dining and socializing with the whole family.

Level 2 - Was for uncles, aunts, cousins.

Level 3 - Was where my family, my parent, my siblings & their families stayed.

Okay, let's check out what was for breakfast.

My aunt's famous french toast - yummy!

Err..I fried a packet of frozen chicken fingers - they loved it!

After breakfast, we headed to Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation. What's the point of going to Cameron Highlands without visiting the famous tea plantation? Our next stop was the Big Red Strawberry Farm..

Next, we tried our hand at picking the red, juicy strawberries. That night, we had a barbecue back at the apartment.

Established in year 1990. Cameron Highlands butterfly farm was initially started as a hobby of the founder who is passionate towards green environment and a breeding house of the beautiful living creatures. Presently, if houses live butterflies and other exotic wildlife for tourists who visit Cameron Highlands. Cameron Highlands butterfly farm has become one of the most well known tropical insects house in Malaysia visitors get a chance to gain more knowledge and extraordinary experience on Malaysia’s Tropical flora and fauna in butterfly farm. Cameron Highlands butterfly farm in definitely a place for everyone to understand the dynamic balance among the biodiversity of flora in Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands butterfly farm wishes to provide a platform for the young generations where they can learn something that’s out of traditional school syllabus. Through the 0% distance with our mother nature; experiencing the touch of it. Making learning process fun will definitely help them to absorb more knowledge. More over, Cameron Highlands is as well act as a place for family rebonding and a place for lifetime.

Updated: Apr 29, 2023
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