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My Grand Mother's Kitchen

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Essay, Pages 2 (321 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (321 words)

My grandmother’s kitchen has always been my favorite place to spend my summer in when I was younger through my early teen years. There are joyful memories as decorative architect, and my grandmother’s delicious meals that I always adore. Every time I walked into the kitchen, I always enjoyed looking around because it was a warm and familiar place. It seemed like an old, conservative Indian kitchen. The walls and the floor made of the mixture of mud, cow dung, and dry hay.

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These natural resources gave rain forced to all wall as well as it was a heat and cold resistant.

In summer time, we could feel quite chilled to sit on the floor. The walls were hand painted by my grandmother. Furthermore, my Granny made the pattern on the floor which looked like a wave. The windows of the kitchen captured an amazing view of the garden from her backyard. The roof was tiled with semi cylinder in dovetail manner.

On the right side of the door there was an open fire place called wooden stove where my grandmother used to cook vegetable and make spiced tea for us. Every time I walked in the kitchen, I was amazed by the view of the garden, the beautiful drawing on the walls and architecture of kitchen.

My grandmother delicious food that I ate there, still I can smell it. My granny was a wonderful cook. And she used to prepare tasteful dishes for us. I can never forget the smell in the air of the cooked pizza my granny made.

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I picked up a lot from granny since, she though me a lot of recipes. She understood my eagerness and interest of how she uses different materials and turn into a delicious plate. My grandmother’s attractive kitchen and wonderful taste of food make me feel spectacular. For all that, my grandmother’s kitchen is in my memory as the favorite place.

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