My future job as a software developer

After graduating from Seneca, I would like to find a job as a software developer. At the same time I want to continue to learn another computer language like JavaScript and Python. I am aware that the skills and knowledge we have acquired from Seneca are just the basics. In the real world, companies need more computer language skills. JavaScript and Python play an important role in today’s computer industry. We can also gain experience in working together, but we still do not have the skills to master the challenge.

The ability to communicate with other people in the workplace will be a very useful skill. I will also try to improve my communication skills as you can better understand the problem by communicating with your colleagues. Help them to take on the challenge and solve the problems. These are the skills and knowledge that I have to work on.

Investigate four different topics that you are interested in or one of the many things CP4P will cover.

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Report on a news item (new to you, it does not have to be recent news). Use the format below. Length should be ~150 words for each of the four news items, two – three sentences each for parts b, c, d. ICT news, tutorial, or CP4P course topic: More than half of global workforce will need new skills by 2022

Tutorial item Summary: More than half of employers need to train their employees to acquire automation skills by 2022, and more than half of the current job will be replaced by the machine, many jobs will be replaced, but others will be created.

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However, to catch up, employees need to be trained to prepare for the new position, and the options of the company depend on the training of current employees or the hiring of a new person with the required skills.

Why did you choose that topic? What interests you about it?

It will take decades before I believe that the machine supports human tasks, but the topic surprises me: in just four years, more than half of the work will be replaced by automation. In addition, I think that automation will have a huge impact on job opportunities. Research shows the opposite: By 2022, there will be more jobs than displaced persons.

Why did you find that news/tutorial item of value?In the near future, many jobs will be created by machinery and many new jobs will be created, but these new employment opportunities need to be retrained and transformed. It gives me a better vision for the future than those who do not know it. I will actively seek the new training program and new professional skills, with the exception of those who are satisfied with their current role and do not want to acquire new skills. This is an advantage when the time comes, those who have learned and trained new skills have a better chance of getting a job than those who do not.

ICT news, tutorial, or CP4P course topic:

Cyber security is changing, and so is the way it’s being sold

Cybersecurity companies have sold their products to companies that may not need this software. Now, a new company called Optiv has changed the way cybersecurity vendors sell their products. They evaluate customer needs and then find the best or best cybersecurity companies they believe best serve their clients’ interests. As well as providing customers with the best service, cyber security vendors can also focus on their specialty.

Why did you choose that topic? What interests you about it?

I used to think cybersecurity software was identical. It turned out that every Cybersecurity company has its own specialty and takes over the various tasks.

Why did you find that news/tutorial item of value?

Previously, I had downloaded security software that I did not know about the features or measures to prevent the attack. After that, while I cannot hire a company to find the best security software for me, I’ll check every cybersecurity software more thoroughly for its features and peculiarities, and then I can choose the one that works best for me is best. Suitable for me. Businesses can also use this new service to better protect themselves.

ICT news, tutorial, or CP4P course topic:

Almost 40% of IT professionals say firms aren’t addressing diversity

Currently, the IT sector is dominated by male professionals and the gender diversity has been brought by many companies. Many IT experts agree that gender diversity is a big problem. Many companies have tried to bring the two sexes closer together. and people are supporting the idea that more female computer scientists will improve the general skills of the computer industry.

Why did you choose that topic? What interests you about it?

I know that there are fewer and fewer women in the field of information technology, and I want to know the cause and the cause of this problem. The topic shows that women in computer science are just as competent as men.

Why does diversity happen? to be this, how to fix it?

It will be an interesting search.

Why did you find that news/tutorial item of value?

If the IT industry manages to close the diversity gap, the article will enhance the skills of the whole sector, which will have a significant impact on gender equality.

ICT news, tutorial, or CP4P course topic:

Android bites Apple in UK, iPhone X marks the spot in China

This article presents sales results for iPhone and Android in European countries where Android is the market leader, while sales of iPhone and Android are similar in North America. In Asia, the iPhone dominates the Chinese market.

Why did you choose that topic? What interests you about it?

This section shows different parts of the world that have different perspectives on the selection of their handsets. This may be due to cultural, economic or other reasons. Everyone does not have the same taste, and because of the difference, all mobile phone companies can continue working to develop better products.

Why did you find that news/tutorial item of value?

This news shows to me that in different place of the world people have different preference. You might want to do the marketing research before you choose your career path, if you prefer to live in the East, choose to be an IOS developer will have better job opportunities than Android developer, if you want to move to Europe, better to learn the Android system, this news gives a reference for people that want to interact with the mobile market.

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