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My Future Education

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My life is different right now than when I was a high school student because now I’m preparing to study so I can get a degree and before I was just studying so that I could graduate from high school. My work in college is really important because it decides how my future is going to be. As a college student, I’m more responsible than I was before because now I take my work more seriously and that depends if I graduate or not.

Like many people, I have educational goals in life. Some are more important than others. One of them was to graduate from high school and that’s what I did last year. Another educational goal is to graduate from college, then go to Sac State and study for my chosen career midwifery. An education matters to me because the level of education I have will have a great impact on the options I will have later on in life the more options, the better jobs I can get.

Paul Logan and I have concluded that education matters because we have more opportunities to obtain so we can have a better future. In essay “Zero” by Paul Logan he says “They shoved and threatened me on the bus, teased me in the halls, and mocked me during lunchtime. NERD. GEEK. LOSER. These insults were fired at me like bullets. Sometimes they came with fists I got scared”. His fears of being bothered by their classmates changed him from being a responsible, and intelligent child to someone who does not care if he gets good grades and is a good student.

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He changed to be this so his classmates did not bother him more and saw that he was like them and not a nerd as they used to say call him. “Years of putting social time and my job ahead of school left me without study habits to deal with college work. Years of following others left me unequipped to make smart choices about my education. In addition to lacking skills, I also lacked motivation,”Logan comments.

Logan made bad choices that ultimately affected him in his education because his skills, and motivation were lacking. The way in which Logan overcame his challenges was by deciding to go back to college. He made this decision because he saw his old friends continue studying while he worked. So with the money he had saved for the months he worked he pay his classes and had the opportunity to continue studying in college. As I was reading Logan’s essay, I felt sorry for him because he had to change his appearance of a good boy that cares about his education to someone that thinks education doesn’t matter in life. He also had to change his thoughts about school, just because he wanted to fit in with others, and because he didn’t want them to reject him or make fun of him. But at the end, I was happy because he realized the mistakes he did by not putting attention on his education and he decided to go back to college so he could have a better job and a better education.

Like Logan, going to college was a great opportunity to for my education but also I had to face several challenges, like turning my work on time. This happens because sometimes I have difficulty managing my time because I have never been in control of my own schedule. In this semester the classes I found easy are Sign Language, Math, Business Computer Apps and English. The class that I found a little bit hard is Psychology because there are words that I don’t know and sometimes are difficult for me to learn them.

Sometimes I have so much homework to do or I get distracted too easy by any sound that people made or at home when my siblings are yelling and that’s how I lose my time. Stress is another challenge that I’m facing at college because I get stressed out so quickly when I don’t understand something or when I get a lot of homework and I feel that I can’t do it. So I just give up and don’t do it until I get relax and ask for help. Also when I’m really stress and I don’t know what to do to solve it I start crying, get mad with others or I just go to my room lay down on my bed listen music until I calm down.

Techniques I’m learning that helps me to succeed in college are that when I need help on my homework or something I don’t understand about my classes I have to speak up and ask for help. I can meet my teachers and ask them to help me on what I don’t understand. I have met with my Psychology teacher and she has help me on what I don’t understand. There are also tutors that can help me on my homework and classes, them like teachers are there to help me on any questions I have. My teacher and tutors have help me a lot because now I understand more the class and when I need help I go with them so they can help me. To succeed I also have to study hard, pass all my classes and have good grades if I want to go to Sac State.

My parents made it possible to succeed as a college student because they brought me to this country from Mexico so I could have better opportunities in my education. They have worked hard so I can study and have a better education than they had. Both of my parents just graduated from high school and that was the last education they received. My parents always tell me that I have to study so I can have a great education, job and future. They don’t want me to suffer what they did like on founding jobs or on not having a good education. That’s why my parents inspired me to keep studying.

They were my inspiration to keep studying and I’m going to make them be proud of me, so they can see that they educated me right and that all they did so I could have a better education. I want to show my family from Mexico that coming to USA to study wasn’t a waste of time, but a big opportunity to have a better education. Before I came to USA they use to say to me that coming to USA wasn’t a good idea because they thought that I wouldn’t be able to adapt to a new country, and language. They also thought that later in my life in this country, I would get married and work in the fields, but I want show them that they were wrong on what they said.

While I’m in college, I would like to achieve passing my classes, graduating, and to improving my English skills. I would like to improve on my grammar and on writing essays because these two things are my weakness in English. My goals for the next few years is to transfer to Sac State so I could keep studying and graduate as a midwife. Once I’ve graduated from college and transfer to Sac State, I would like to move to an apartment so I could stay close to where I am studying or working. In the future, I see myself working in a hospital as a midwife helping women to give birth to their babies and enjoying it because that was my decision what I chose to my future. Some day in the future, I would like to have a family teach and give advices to my children’s about education and tell them that education can guarantee want you want for your future. By time I get old, I would like to be happy and proud of what I accomplish because my goal of keep studying and been a midwife.

For me an education is like going to a new country and discovering more about its culture. Success to me is a continued process of hard work, intelligence, extraordinary skills, and my goals that I complete. Also successful is that which makes me complete without any dissatisfaction and watching the happy faces of my parents because they are proud of what I’ve done. If I give a look back on my life, I hope I would have achieved putting more effort than I did before in learning English. I would do this because right I now that my English is a little bit bad and sometimes I have trouble in school and in my daily life because of it. I also would like to change on getting better grades because there was a time that my grades were so low and I wasn’t proud of it.

I guess this happened because by that time everything was easy for me but now I know that was a great mistake. Education is important to me because it will have a great impact on later options I’ll have later in life. It’s important because I’m going to be the first of my family to graduate from college and I want to make my parents proud of me because they work hard to give me a better education than the one they had. I want them to see that I got a good education that helped me achieve my goals and that I’m someone with a great life and career.

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