My Favourite City Hong Kong

The Pearl of Asia or the popularly known as Hong Kong is a dynamic metropolis steeped in unique blend of East and West. Hong Kong is also my hometown I am proud of. Since childhood, the most beautiful sight I even seen is the stunning view of Hong Kong. Apart from that, every spectacular image has its own stories, history, culture, and memories that represent this amazing city.

Hong Kong is also astonishing for many reasons. One is the famous Victorian Harbor.

The Victorian Harbor always caught my attention and my appreciation because of its unique beauty every time I pass along. Victorian Harbor is eye-catching by the glamorous beauty of the lights especially at night. It is actually separated into two sides of Hong Kong Island. When gazing it, I do it intently from one side to another. On the West side, the view of the tier of high raised neighborhood occupied by thousands of families is visible. It is followed by blocks of vintage colonial era architecture which dates back 150 years ago.

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It is further packed with more tall buildings. The array of glasses, steel and marble-clad edifices are highly condensed in different color layer ranging from the harbor up to the peak. On the other edge of the harbor, there are many high-end and high-rise apartments facing to the direction of Pacific Ocean.

Another unforgettable experience is also the refreshing walk along the Avenue of Stars. The Avenue of Stars is a long road which allows every passerby to experience the panoramic views of the popular Victoria Harbor and the memorable Hong Kong skyline.

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Upon looking in depth at the opposite harbor, various famous architectural works which signifies about Hong Kong excites me. In addition, there are also modern buildings which signify the economic prowess of the city which includes the Two International Finance Centre, Exchange Square, Home to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HSBC Main Building, and others. Furthermore, there are also buildings built entirely of structural steel without any reinforced concrete in the inner core. The Convention and Exhibition Center which has been built in the concept of Feng Sui with its sweeping sails roof and vast glass windows proves the respect to the culture. These buildings are the proof of the adherence of the city to traditions, culture, quality and modernity.

Other than the significant buildings, the details of stunning lights along every blocks and street makes the night livelier, more brilliant, and meaningful. Numerous logos of well-known brands are also apparent on top of buildings. Colored neon light signs also hang on every shop which increases brightness of the entire streets. Every block of apartment is also decorated with its own style. These elements, when added together, form the unique culture of fantastic international city.

By looking at the brilliant harbor, views of old and new buildings which live side-by-side, colonial buildings, and glass-and-steel skyscrapers, along with its ancient Chinese traditions and lively local culture can clearly be seen. Through the amazing and scenic views I have witnessed and experienced, I became more proud of my citizenship and being part of this attractive land. The above elements and the unique fusion of Western and Eastern culture are the factors that made Hong Kong apart from the rest of Asia. The views I have witnessed will absolutely be remembered in my memories and will forever be painted in my heart.

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