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My Favourite Biscuits

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (678 words)
Categories: My Favourite
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There is no science behind preparing biscuits with jam. First you cut the biscuit in half and spread the damn butter that is always too firm to spread properly and then then you slide them inside the toaster. In this simple step is where my life changed forever. Usually toaster have a timer on them that will launch your hot toast of the heat when it is done, but if you own a vietnam era toaster as myself you need to keep a careful watch over your food to prevent it from charring.

One day I decided that I could go upstairs and come back downstairs just in time to get my biscuit of the toaster, apparently I am not fast enough and my biscuit ended up looking more like charcoal than an actual biscuit. Being in a rush in the morning as usually I decided that this burnt to a crisp biscuit was good enough, so I went ahead and spreaded a good amount of strawberry jam and went on my way.

On the time I didn’t realized I was making history. When I tasted that sooty disgusting looking biscuit I fell in love. I couldn’t get enough of it, from that point on I decided I would keep carbonizing my biscuits for decades to come.

The one thing that I can’t keep of my mind about slightly burnt biscuits with strawberry jam is the flavor. The biscuit is hard and charred at the outside, but in the inside it is a completely other story, the fluffiness it has is almost impossible. One can find biscuits sold all around Merida, but the best one will be found in the bisquets de obregon. They are made every day fresh with the best ingredients. I don’t know who had the brilliant idea of adding cranberries to the mixture, but i’ll give the credit to Mr. Obregon. God Bless his soul! If that wasn’t enough taste in your mouth only wait till the fruity, sweet, and slightly acidic flavor taste of the jam comes crashing into your taste buds. There are infinite varieties of jams, but strawberry is my favorite one. The sweetness of the jam complements the flavors and textures of the biscuit, while the chunks of fruit or berry add another element of texture and flavor.

To be clear this was the best breakfast I had ever eaten in my life. The distinctive smell of burnt bread coming of the toaster always gives me a smile. I believe that what made this burnt biscuits special wasn’t either the strawberry jam or the biscuit, but the combination of both. Sure alone strawberry jam tastes great, I could even eat it by the spoonful, but after a while a spoonful of strawberry jam just doesn’t go with my jam. The other factor in this great combination is also good on its own, nevertheless a plain toasted biscuit is just uninspired. This two ingredients are a match made in heaven, the strawberry jam’s majestic fruity flavor combines perfectly and balances out the smoky and charred taste of the biscuit.

My mouth was in the front row of an orchestra of complex flavors that highlighted each other. What also takes them apart from other simple combinations is their texture. The crunchy and dry texture of the biscuits fit perfectly with the chunky and and soft texture of the jam. When in your mouth you can easily tell between each ingredient by just feeling it with your tongue.

Eating this biscuit made me believe that there are still good things in the world. Biscuits have been eaten and enjoyed for centuries now, even the queen of England eats them for breakfast, but I made biscuits my own by burning them and adding strawberry jam. After eating this new concoction i felt ready to tackle the day head on. All this talking has made me hungry, but hopefully now you understand why it is that I would never be able to live life normally without eating slightly burnt biscuits with strawberry jam every morning.

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