My Favorite Person In The World: My Grandpa

Most teenagers my age admire movie stars and singers, who make a lot of money and are famous. However, they don’t really know the person or their story. To me, admiration is a high level of appreciation and respect, someone who enters my life and makes me look at things differently. Few people in this world have earned that kind of respect from me. My grandfather is someone who has done so.

My grandfather comes from a family of farmers in the rural areas of Saudi Arabia.

When my grandfather was a young boy, the country had a big movement of educating the young generation to get a higher level of education in universities across the world. That is when he decided to leave the country and go to Europe in order to pursue his dreams of being educated in some of the best universities in the world.

By far, the most prominent quality of my grandfather is his intellect, formed by his natural love of studying.

I have yet to meet someone in my life who knew such a wide variety of knowledge such as his. I would always feel as if I was talking to a living encyclopedia when I was with him. While studying in the United Kingdom, he would dive deep into his studies of political science, history, psychology, and anthropology – even if it was something that wasn’t assigned to him or expected of him to know. Due to being so far away from home, Arabian culture and studies was something that excited him and brought him memories of back home.

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His interest in it resulted in deep research in this field, which led him to become a specialist in this subject. Now, he lives his dream of working side by side with embassies in the middle east and across the world, attending conferences and diplomatic delegations.

My grandfather had a dream that he would one day become a polyglot, a master of multiple languages. Another thing that I admire about him is that when it comes to his dreams, he puts in the greatest amount of effort to ensure that it can become his reality. Although English is not his native language, he speaks it fluently at a very high level, almost without an accent. Besides Arabic and English, my grandfather could speak French, Spanish, Chinese, and German. Since he was able to speak many languages, he was able to acquaint and make friends with people from all over the world while studying abroad. Due to his language skills, he was able to add great value to his work. This speaks in favor of qualities such as determination, discipline, and a hard-work ethic.

My grandfather is someone who you can say is selfless due to how he always puts others before himself. My grandfather tries to help out family, friends, and complete strangers before he helps himself – even if it ends up hurting him in the end. With the addition of his great sense of responsibility, my grandfather is extremely reliable and can always be counted on. Due to such traits, I find that many people, be it, relatives or strangers, take advantage of my grandfather in order to satisfy their needs. Using his inability to refuse favors and his capabilities, my grandfather is found more often than not, helping others with their goals rather than his own.

My grandfather is not a well-known person. He is neither a celebrity nor someone who has made a great contribution to modern science. He has not decided the fate of a country or written an award-winning novel. If you were ever to see my grandfather on the streets, you probably would never think he was someone with great intelligence or immense capabilities. However, if you knew him like I did then you would admire him as well. Although he is not here to guide me through life and tell me about the experiences he has had, the light he lit up in my world will never go dim.

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