My Declaration of Independence

In the course of my life events, it has become necessary to dissolve my dependence on the approval of others. Which has chained me to false ideas created by those around me. It is imperative for me to assume the strength and power of myself which the Laws of Life entitled me to. A candid recognition of who I am requires that I should declare myself separated from any desire to seek approval from anyone other than myself.

How shall one ever genuinely discover the most authentic version of oneself if they are constantly looking to outside forces for justification? I must seek my own approval and respect for without these features I will have nothing in the end.

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all people are entitled to their own unearthing of themselves. Which can not be executed successfully if they are seeking further approval outside oneself. To secure these rights I shall establish my just powers of my own mental government by assuming the responsibility of my own actions and decisions.

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Whenever any internal or external forms of influence becomes damaging to my mental health and imposes on my freedoms, it is my right to revise or cease damaging ties and to establish a new relationship with it. One shall lay down a new foundation based upon new principles of respect for one's right to govern themselves in ways that affect someone's happiness if they are not hurting anyone else.

There is a long history of negativity from external forms that keep my mind in tyranny and dependent upon others.

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It is my right to ignore such instincts as to listen to others insecurities and to stop making them my own. It is my duty to encourage a new self esteem and new just and honorable beliefs for my future security.

In my experience not all external opinions are damaging and all should be considered but should not cancel your own. When we knowingly enter a fair and balanced discussion it is crucial to take in all perspectives and consider changing our own especially when comes to situations that affect others.

Having been controlled by external influences in the past, now is the necessary time to cast off any dependence I may have on anyone else that affects me negatively. All past negative expectations and thoughts that have been set by those around me that do not align with who I declare myself to be will be discarded and ignored. As verification of my conviction in this personal declaration of independence that I have set for myself today I pledge to hold this above all relationships that stand in its way. With the hope of a long life full of happiness and liberty.

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My Declaration of Independence
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