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My Business Ethics and Decisions

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (850 words)
Categories: Business Ethics, Decisions, Ethics, Morality
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I will be discussing my results that were taken from the Ethical Lens Inventory to show the difference of how I see and apply various concepts in my ability to choose ethically to make decisions in business in society.According to the Results Lens, this has been a tradition that has been met with much criticism to the concepts of justice and deontological tradition. If we draw upon the traditions of Aristotle, St. Aquinas, St.

Ignatius of Loyola however, the earliest theorist focused on people who could pursue goals that would make them happy, these were John Stuart Mill and Jeremey Bentham, who believed that utilitarianism that embraces the theories of hedonism and consequentialism believes that an individual usually chooses what makes them happy (Baird, 2012, p. 203).

After the completion of my Ethical Lens testing, it showed that my preferred ethical lens is: Blended Responsibilities and Results Lens with no preference between Rationality and Sensibility and Considered Autonomy.

It tells me that my personal reasoning skills (rationality) and my intuition (sensibility) balances between living by my own personal principles and determining the greatest good for individuals (autonomy) (“Ethics Lens Inventory,”). My primary values discuss how I prioritize tension between rationality and sensibility as well as autonomy and equality. My value preferences places between two lenses, the Results Lens and the Responsibilities Lens, the Results Lens defines my ethical success based on my actions and attitudes to create good results for myself and others.

My Responsibilities

Lens defines my ethical success to choose how responsibly plays into my principles, even if other people don’t always agree with me, there is no preference between the values of my rationality to follow my head and sensibility to follow what is in my heart however, principles are important to me, but they aren’t rigid, my heart will move you to bend in response to a unique situation yet, I will still see the value of rational, consistent principles as my guideline. I will balance between values which may be a struggle, where my head often urges me to solutions and my heart maybe seen as insensitive. By balancing a more harmonious blend of these two values, my perspectives me give priority to the value of autonomy while respecting the individual over equality and giving priority to a group, I choose my own path and life goals. However, making decisions, I may find that my choices are shaped by the opinions of others and the general community expectations about what constitutes a “good life.” However, I strive to achieve my personal goals while staying true to principles that define me (“Ethics Lens Inventory,” 2019).

My ethical path is the Path of the Thinker and the Path of the Hero, the ethical Path of the Thinker, I use my reasoning to identify the principle of foundational rule that I believe are worthy of adoption and will lead me to the Truth. As a human being, I have the privilege of choosing how best to live my life by determining the principles that I believe are the most important. On the ethical Path of the Hero, I follow my intuition to determine what I want to become, do, and have, thereby my Ethical goals can be considered ideal goals to help me identify what kind of a person I want to be. My journey in life is to be kind, generous, and accepting instead of mean-spirited, selfish, and judgmental. However, I can be overbearing at times by expecting that people think just like I think, thereby showing a double standard to rationalize how I am justifying unethical actions is a flaw that can cause me great damage if I am not careful. If I am to live within my own values, I must avoid this double standard, I have to develop ethical agility.

Conducting myself as an ethical and responsible individual, it is usually based on my experiences and self-knowledge. By studying the different ethical lenses, I take a positive approach to find balance in a group as a whole or an individual, to ensure that I hold myself accountable to those who depend upon me for what ever reason it may, by being the best that I can be where different situations will desire a different ethical view (“Ethical Lens Inventory,” n.d.),In both my personal and professional, I have fallen into this trap, some see it as a strength for me because I am able to make sound decisions based on my ethics on how things should be. I have practiced those same ethical rules while in the Marines and it showed good quality of becoming a leader and many of my peers and officers would always say you are a natural leader.The negative side of this was forgetting that I was not in the military and my thinking would revert back to training, causing me to view others as weak, quitters, and unadaptable in various situations.


Baird, C. A. (2012). Every Day Ethics Making Wise Choices in a Complex World (2nd edition ed.). Englewood, Colorado: Ethics GameEthical Lens Inventory. (n.d.). Retrieved from Game. (2019).

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