My aim in life Essay

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My aim in life

“The mere act of aiming at something big makes you big.” (Jawaharlal Nehru) Bestowing man with life and sending him on earth to live is fully justified. This all has been done for a specific reason. Idealizing his purpose and endeavoring to objectify it into reality is the real pinnacle/ culmination of human being. A man without an aim is like a rudderless ship in stormy sea; a vagabond wandering/rambling in streets with no particular direction to follow. To give one’s life a defined pattern and to enjoy it in its full bloom, one must have an aim in his life. “Aim simply means an ambition or a desire for ones future which helps him keeping attention focused on particular target.” In this avaricious and money-oriented world, everyone enjoys a materialistic life and lives for an aim that proves to be a financial boost as well. That is the reason why most of the people wish to become a doctor, engineer or a businessman. But I dream of becoming a techer.

Though teachers are very ill-paid in our society, I want to adopt this profession on completely spiritual basis. Teaching, being the work of prophets and saints, is also a subject of my religious inclination. I always love to wonder teaching a number of students the principles of justice and fair play, epitomizing them in a particular skill and nurturing their fledgling ideas into veteran moods. I want to contribute in the society by providing it with minds having innovative ideas, high objectives and good moral values; an assemblage that will steer the sinking boat of our country through the winding river to a heavenly abode. Becoming a teacher would be a way to do that. I want to inculcate the sense of richness of talent in the brooding minds with which they can do something exemplary.

I want to be the guiding star showing the right path to the passengers lost in the pitchy darkness. I wish to open new horizons to/on the coming generation so that they may learn something new beyond the world of books; so that they may learn seeking answers themselves, something learned not by reading but by experiencing/practicing. For this, I would have to be a paragon of the saying of F.W. Robertson: “The true aim of everyone who aspires to be a teacher should be not to impart his own opinions but to kindle minds.” Savoring that wonderful sensation when one of your students gets a feather in the cap; experiencing the love of hundreds of adolescents; tackling with their pure mischiefs and lifting them up to rule the sky, are those experiences only a teacher can have. Our country is direly lacking true teachers.

It needs educators, mentors, reformers, guides and moralists as teachers. I would like to develop all these characteristic capabilities among my pupil so that they may serve the society in the best possible way. Becoming a doctor, I would be treating patients only! Becoming an engineer would merely result in constructing buildings! But becoming a teacher, I would be able to build a whole new society and can treat the entire spiritual (mystical) ailments prevailing around; provide the society the best manpower; and produce many doctors, engineers, bureaucrats, business men and many more, as Alexander once said: “The world doesn’t need any Alexander, but Aristotle. As Alexander can’t make any Aristotle but Aristotle can produce many Alexander’s.” A teacher plays the most constructive role in the society. He changes attitudes, to maintain a congenial environment for the society to flourish. He is the one who makes anonymous reap laurels. Utilizing all his capacities, he makes his pupil continue their journey amidst the endless world of victories. Doing all this, his spiritual ecstasy is at its peak and this is the foremost reason why I aim at becoming a teacher.

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