The Enchanting Power of Music: Colors in a Monochrome World

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Through music, you may contribute beauty, joy and inspiration to an otherwise melancholy existence. I believe that music charms the soul, because in a world of gray and white, music is a way that people add color to their life. Music has the ability to unite people, create and reflect memories. During every Oregon home football game, we hear the third quarter music scale, followed by the infamous, “Do you wanna dance?” For people experiencing this for the first time, it is a memory that will stay with them forever.

These students are excited and filled with ambition to gain new college experiences. There, they will begin their journey as an Oregon duck, which brings a certain charm to your soul, because each experience is different and you are officially in charge of your journey.

My first time experiencing an Oregon football game was memorable, because it was also my first experience being in the marching band. Whenever I hear “Shout”, I now always think about all of the football games I’ve attended, the basketball games and the memories of performing in front of several people on Saturdays.

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Through my personal experience with music, I have created connections with songs ranging from “Walking on Sunshine,” to “School’s Out,” to “Hoedown.” Through an instrument, I’ve been able to create memories and foster a jubilant environment. Without music, life would be bland because most of my memories, good and bad, revolve around music. During the bitter sweet days, I listen to music made in a minor key, but give out a major statement.

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The sublime melody that entwine within your emotions lead to new memories, thoughts and inspiration to your life, especially during states of desolation. I believe that music has the ability to charm the soul, because it brings emotions to it. Through music, you can manipulate time and look back on happier days. Through my experience, I can hear “The Magical Mystery Tour” and reflect on when I first performed on a football field. This is when I hear that particular song, however, the song was originally made to reflect on The Beatles younger days of being kids and going to fairgrounds. That is the beauty of music. It brings in new outlooks on life and carries a bit of someones history with it. Learning about these differences allow us, as individuals, to become more open minded with our opinions, because most of us can relate to another person, regardless of our differences, through music.

Society has seen several songs that brought out the differences in people and wants everyone to get over those difference, so that we can live in tranquility. There are songs such as “Imagine,” “Born This Way,” and “Where is the Love?” Music has a strange way of connecting people, regardless of how different you may seem and what history you hold. From music such as “First Suite in E Flat for Military Band,” to “Feel Good Inc.” there is always going to be my personal history behind those tunes. I believe that music can charm the soul, because of how much of an influence it is. Music can motivate you to strive for the highest, because we can learn from our experiences, both high and lows, that we’ve been through with music and that’s amazing.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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