Mrs. O'Hara is My Favorite Teacher

I have been in school for 10 years all of the people who have taught me have been wonderful. However, there was one that stands out above the rest and that in Mrs.O'Hara my 7th grade core teacher. Mrs. O'Hara is my favorite teacher because she helped me so much thorough out the year, and she was always smiling. I also really liked when every Wednesday she would shut the blinds, turn off the lights and play soft Zen music and let us rest for about 20 minuets.

Mrs. O'Hara is a very laid back teacher and hardly ever gets mad, and if she does, she will just give you her famous “look”. This is when she puts her head slanted and looks above her glasses. I also really loved her room, it was always so colorful and it always smelt clean, when we would write papers, I could always find inspiration in her room. Mrs. O'Hara was always cracking jokes and laughing, and so when she was happy that meant the students were happy, mostly because we weren't being yelled at.

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Another way Mrs. O'Hara showed her funny side was by bringing in her favorite comic that week, they were always hilarious! Other than the humongous spelling packets she gave is each week, she actually didn't assign to much homework, which is both a good thing and bad. It was great because if we had family or friends in town I wouldn't have to be doing my homework. However, it was bad because I was diffidently not prepared for all the gth grade homework coming my way.

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Lastly, Mrs. O'Hara was very kind, she would give hugs to everyone each day which was great especially if you weren't having a great day. As you can see Mrs. O'Hara is my favorite teacher by far.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021
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