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Most important consequence of the printing press

Throughout history there have been many changes, discoveries, and inventions around the world.

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One of the most significant inventions that changed the world completely was Gutenberg’s invention; in the 1450s he revolutionized the world by inventing the printing press. He changed human communication completely, but what was the most important consequence of the printing press? The transition before the printing press was invented and after the printing press was invented? The spread of a new religion? Geography and exploration? The spread of ideas? One of the consequences of the printing press was greater knowledge in geography and more exploration.

Before the printing press people would explore of course but it was abstruse because not a lot of technology existed. Hence Geography gave more people knowledge of the world, exploration created the establishment of colonies around the world, more territories were discovered. Document 7 shows a letter from Columbus explaining that he reached new islands, then that letter was sent Barcelona, Valladolid, Rome, Florence, Paris and other places around the world. Document 7 shows us pictures of maps and how the maps kept on changing throughout the years as the people made discoveries around the world, Because of the printing press people were able to know how other explorers reached new lands and inspired others to explore. if it wasn’t because of the printing press maps wouldn’t of gone throughout Europe, the establishment of colonies and the discoveries of new lands and territories would of taken longer.

The second consequence about the printing press that made a big impact on the world was the spread of Protestant religion.

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Luther’s ideas were spread due to the printing press and that helped spread the Catholic Church apart. Document 3 tells us how the printing press made more copies of a lot of Martin Luther’s books, this mean more people read his ideas and thoughts so they began to depart from the Catholic church. Document 4 shows us a very important picture of the irony between the two photos one is a picture of Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple and the other one is the pope collecting on indulgences. with the help of the printing press people were able to see these pictures and realize that that wasn’t what Jesus wanted another reason why people started to separate from the Catholic church. Document 5 shows us a map during the 1500s and how people were mainly Catholic and a map during the 1560s people were protestant or mixed catholic and Protestant due to the printing press printing Martin’s books. If it wasn’t because of the printing press there would just be an only catholic church. The last but also a very important consequence of the printing press was the spread of ideas. Document 8 is an illustration of all early classical and medieval authors and after the printing press was invented 20 million new books were printed. Document 9 is an illustration of all modern authors and the printing press making copies of the books that they wrote. modern and current ideas were spread faster. Document 10 shows Isaac newton’s bookshelf. He got all his knowledge through books his ideas would not been possible without the printing press. Due to the printing press people made and discovered mathematical and scientific discoveries and people began to gain more knowledge,

Though they were many consequences, the spread of ideas was the most important one Because mathematical and scientific discoveries were made. People began to have more knowledge, so they began to create more things that led to more jobs and more money, and a better economy. The world revolutionized faster because of the spread of ideas all due to the printing press.

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Most important consequence of the printing press

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