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Using of 3D printing

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (471 words)
Categories: 3d Printing, Innovation, New Technology, Technology
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3D printing is becoming a new way for manufacturing. As oppose to regular manufacturing (subtractive), where the machine cut out pieces of a raw material in order to shape the material to its final shape, in an additive manufacturing the machine adds layer of material and creates the final model. Additive process has many advantages over the subtractive one. Creating a part with 3D printing is much cheaper, makes less waste, faster and the result is even more accurate. The most revolutionized advantage is the ability to create new complex geometries, printing with more than one color, and printing a moving mechanism.

Designers describe 3D printing as having almost limitless freedom to create anything. All of these advantages enable the production of lightweight optimized components that are impossible to make with traditional manufacturing. Additive manufacturing techniques can be divided into two groups, extrusion and granular materials binding. The main difference is not only in the way that a model is created, but also in the materials that are used to create it.

Extrusion method uses a plastic film that is being fed to the printers head.

The printer head melts the plastic film and extrudes thin layers of the thermoplastic material. Extrusion printers are able to use more than one plastic film, therefore makes is possible to print more than one color. In the granular materials binding there’s a tank with metal powder inside an oven that is heated to 100c below the melting point of the metal. A blade mounted on a moving arm sweeps an even layer of the powder on top of the work surface inside the chamber, then a laser – scans back and forth over the surface, melting the powder in the shape of the first layer.

The work surface then drops by the thickness of the layer and another layer of powder is distributed over the surface. The 3D printing technology opens the floodgates to a vast range of applications, from customized automotive and aviation components to prosthetics and orthopedic implants. The ability to localize manufacturing will change import and export world dynamics, because communities will be able to make what they need. The field of additive manufacturing has much more to grow and develop.

There are many studies today about the use of 3D printing in order to print live tissues and even entire organs. Scientists are also trying to print proteins in order to print food in the future. It’s not unlikely that in the future it will be possible to “print” very large products in 3D using multiple materials. Instead of building a house, one could just “print” it. 3D printing is already changing people’s life and is expected to change many more in the future. From manufacturing industries to the way we consume everyday products; 3D printing will make a difference.

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