Using My 5 Senses in Writing a Scene

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Im sitting at an outdoor café in Skopje, Macedonia, having Turkish coffee with my friend, Adelina. The coffee is strong and thick, has the consistency of mud, but it is really sweet. Its late afternoon, but I still feel drunk and a little dizzy from all the ouzo and wine we had drank the night before. Its pretty windy but still warm. Every couple of minutes or so, a cool breeze hits us from where the river runs through the heart of the city about a block away and fills the area with the smell of wild flowers and fresh coffee for a few seconds, then it clears and were back to the regular smell of diesel engines and cigarette smoke that you would expect to smell in a European city.

If I try real hard, I can sometimes focus my attention to the sound of the wind blowing through the trees or leaves sweeping across the ground instead of loud buses, cars honking their horns and people yelling and speaking in a strange language.

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I look at Adelina, and I can see that she is enjoying herself as well, even though were not talking. Were both just sitting here, enjoying our surroundings and each others presence. She hasnt stopped smoking since we sat down. She uses the last of the cigarette she smokes to light the next one before she puts it out. Her hair is a mess, and her sunglasses have definitely seen better days, they look like someone must sat on them and.

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She looks funny, but beautiful and perfect at the same time.

There are pigeons everywhereon the sidewalk, on the floor, in the trees and in the bushes behind me. I wonder if this is really their city were in, and theyre just gracious enough to let us live among them. They seem almost human, preoccupied with the routine of their everyday life. Some of them are walking around, like maybe they have somewhere to be, and they just dont know which direction to go. Others are eating crumbs like theres no tomorrow, perhaps they know winter is coming and they will need all the sustenance they can get in order to survive. And still others are just standing on the sidewalk and in the trees looking around like theyre waiting for something.

Im feeling good today. The dizziness along with the effects of the caffeine in the coffee is giving me a strange sense of well-being and euphoria. I know if I dwell on this for too long, I will become paranoid and start to feel guilty about all the things Im doing wrong with my life.

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Using My 5 Senses in Writing a Scene

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