Money Bring Happiness

Nowadays ,many and more people talk about the statement money can bring happiness.

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Totally,I agree with this statement.I think money can bring happiness actually.,I am going to give three reasons to explain why I feel money can bring happiness>Money allows people to buy everything that they want, it gives a sense of security people do not have to worry and money can be used to help others which gives satisfaction

The first reason is that money allows people to buy everything that they want.

If someone have a lot of money,or she can buy a house,a car,a yacht,even an island.The people who is rich also can enjoy expensive food and clothing.It is sure that everyone is happy,if he or she get the thing which he or she really wants, and money can help.According to Libby Kane(April21,2014)our happiness levels rise with our yearly income-up to this amount.

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Salaries above $75,000 have no impact on our day-to-day feelings of happiness,although they do improve our overall satisfaction with our lives. Psychologists say that playing for experiences in advance allows us to focus on enjoying ourselves instead of worrying about our wallets.Money allows people to buy everything that they want,so money can bring happiness.

The second reason is that money gives a sense of security,people do not have to worry.Nobody can get happiness without security.Money can gives a sense of security to someone ,so many can bring happiness.A lot of money means enough food and clothing .Money means someone can live in a place where it is not cold.Money means someone who get it do not need to worry about future.On the contrary,is someone do not have money,he or she has to worried about his or her life.According to Catherina Alford(N.D.),actually having some in the bank,in an emergency fund and in a retirement account with enough to cover all his bills makes him very happy.He said it was not long ago that he stood in the wal-mart checkout line unable to buy his groceries because two cards were declined it makes know how important money is.The above research shows which leads to happiness.

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The third reason is that money can be used to help others which gives satisfaction If somebody has lots of money,he or she can establish the community foundation to help others.Rich man can do charity,so that he can be respected and be famous.It shows that money can bring honest and position.On the other hand,it is sure that the people who help many people feel happy.If somebody know many people can eat fresh food and clean water because of him or many people can keep away from illness must get happiness,although this person did not get any material thing.

According to Ben(February9,2014),study after study shows that the more people invest in others,the happier they are.It is not necessary huge amounts of cash either.Even donating small amounts puts people in a better mood.Dunn and Norton found that donating money to charity had a comparable effect to doubling household income on levels of happiness.Money can used to help others which gives satisfaction.In my opinion,money do not equal to happiness,but it is true that money can bring happiness.I think money will be more important in the future

I’m Pretty Sure Money Can Buy You Happiness

How Spending Money Affects Happiness

Here’s How Money CAN Buy Happiness

Catherine Alford
Publish date
Aug 14 2013
APR 20 2014

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Money Bring Happiness

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