Can money buy you happiness?

Money would probably be on the top of everyone’s list of things they desire, along with other things that only money could buy, but does that mean that money will make you happy? Happiness cannot be found in inanimate objects such as a new car or a huge house if you have no one to share it with. Money can lead to lots of lovely things and great opportunities but it can induce greed in a person, it’s like most things if you have too much of it all you want is more.

It can become less and less interesting and consequently won’t bring as much happiness. One thing money can buy is pleasure, with plenty of money it is possible to buy experiences and objects that you particularly desire, things that you would only be able to dream of without a lot of money. It also gives you the opportunity to share these amazing experiences or beautiful objects with people.

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However there reaches a point where people even become bored of amazing holidays they desire more. Furthermore, despite the fact you can buy an amazing holiday, money cannot buy happy family memories or stop family rows either.

Extremely wealthy people tend to lack appreciation causing them to become upset about the smallest matters such as the wine not being quite up to standard or the steak being slightly under done. Often wealthy women and men feel they don’t need to make the effort in relationships because they already have everything that money can buy.

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This is a false sense of security and research shows that the main reason people feel happy is because they have stable relationships with those they love. The pleasure that favourite objects bring is short lived and probably won’t bring happiness. Money can cause people to become greedy for more and more money and power. Furthermore money gives people the ability to control others and this is very dangerous, whether it be through jobs or promises of inheritance and other forms of giving money. It is easy for rich people to remain unsatisfied even when they have enough money to buy them all they would ever need and have the power to control others. For some people it becomes an obsession and money becomes their only hope of feeling happy.

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Happiness is a comparable thing and so is money, if you were born with lots of money you are not going to be any happier as you grow older because you become used to a life of luxury. Nevertheless research has shown that by percentage, people who have less give more than people who are very well off. It is obvious to anyone that giving away £100 pounds when you have £1000 is a lot harder than giving away £1 when you have £10. This is because it is a larger value, even so it is still the same share, what makes it difficult is the greed of human nature. In this respect having less makes you less greedy and more happy. On the other hand, having lots of money prevents worries of debt, not paying the rent, mortgages, student loans etc. all to be paid off. For most people not being able to support your family is a soul destroying thing but for someone with a lot of money they don’t have to worry about that. In addition they have the ability to give generous gifts unlike any regular person would. It is perfectly reasonable to say that someone who cannot even feed themselves sufficiently is most likely less content than someone who can have a candlelit dinner every night.

However a recent survey discovered that once someone has an income over £20000 they’re state of well-being was rarely linked to income and in most cases was linked more closely to their relationships with people. Although there are ways in which a relationship could be made happier by money, money can also create problems within relationships. People who own their money individually are most prone to these problems, for example false friends. Friends who are only looking to be your friend so they will get an invite to your ‘amazing house’ or be take on an a ‘once in a lifetime holiday’ it is very easy for wealthy people to be taken advantage of. These sorts of friends are certainly not the friends that are going to be interested in your happiness or appreciate the ways you try to make them happy. Not to mention ‘Gold diggers’; women or men who are interested in marrying wealthy people so they can have their money.

These problems are problems that could make someone very unhappy about they’re life, money cannot buy a happy relationship. Happiness is often closely related to satisfaction and although it may appear that being wealthy would bring satisfaction this is not always the case. Expectations are shaped by what others in our social circle do and have, so although someone very rich would feel better about themselves when comparing themselves to a shop-assistant working on minimum wage instead people will compare themselves to those who are wealthier than them. But it is also the comparing that is the problem, if you are so obsessed with having the most due to pressure in society then you are not going to be happy. Furthermore making money takes up a lot of time and you will become so involved you have no time for leisure and family activities.

Money can also buy happiness but in my opinion only to an extent. Money can bring happiness in the forms of experiences and gifts for loved ones. Experiences you will never forget and that is worth more than anything. Experiences will grow in value over time as it is in your memory. People who spend money on experiences are usually happier than those that just buy stuff. I personally find experiences are worth far more than anything you can buy. Money brings happiness to those who need it most. Money has far more pros than cons .for example sitting in a warm Jacuzzi unhappy is better than sitting in a blizzard outside on the streets. Money only brings happiness in forms.

Happiness is very complex but money can form part of your happiness. In conclusion I believe money can only buy happiness to an extent. In the end it all comes down to personal decisions if you use money to give to loved ones and have good experiences money could lead to happiness, but if you use it in selfish ways money will certainly not make you happy. Money only brings happiness in certain forms such as pleasure but it is like a drug that wears off after a while and it will not give you a guaranteed happy life no matter how much society makes it seem like that. Happiness is very complex and many things form happiness, money can’t provide the route to happiness it can only help. After basic living costs money can’t help you much more, in my opinion the important things are the things that money can’t buy.

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