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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

In this new technological era of automobile industry in Malaysia, many featured applications and websites have been developed with one goal, to narrow and assist consumers to invest their perfect car.

The development of Peek-a-Car artificial intelligence (A.I.) chatterbot system has an aim to revolutionise the auto dealer industry in terms of car recommender tool that imitate human experts in this domain. Studies found out that most conventional recommender tools can be categorised as manual filtering systems which are inflexible, unaccurate and not responsive.

According to Mohan (1987), human knowledge of a particular area which can perform relevant tasks effectively and accurately is often kept in limited reading materials or minds of a small group of experts. Once the knowledge is being misinterpreted, it will be applied incorrectly.

This system is able to engage with consumers to provide consistent unbiased car recommendation by analysing their specific demands. The program is driven by an AI named ‘P.A.C.’ which will construct a highly interactive environment to provide insightful and tailored feedback on car suggestion and knowledge such as safety features and efficiency based on its knowledge base.

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P.A.C. is targeted towards all user from novice to intermediate level.

Problem Statement

Trend changes are imminent and flaws such as on responsiveness and system-user engagement are problems that needed to be polished in most of these systems, which rendered impractical, causing them often being disregarded.


According to Auto Trader’s Car Buyers Report (2017), the enormous amount of complex choices have put auto shoppers into stagger, 85% of car buyers reckoned that substantial amount of time, effort, and cost to be the requisites for investing a car.

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Furthermore, Deloitte’s Global Automotive Consumer Study (2014) mentioned that 52% millennial car shoppers spend more than 10 hours researching via various researches which they considered three cars and above before heading to a physical dealership, hence, the optimization and simplification of the process are utterly pivotal to put this daunting process to an end.

A vast amount of available applications, car manufacturers or dealers did not emphasis on their automated car recommendation expert systems which mostly unsuitable for majority novice consumers as they are basically filtering all the specifications manually and inefficient.


The inherent absence of trust in the car industry between dealerships and novice consumers is caused by internal strategies from unethical dealers which is discrepancy to most novice consumers.

Besides that, majority of car dealers are running by incentive systems which are not consumer-centric, targeting consumers and being partial towards one brand will compromise their integrity which lead to one fifth of consumers being worried of being confronted and 80% of purchasers were not satisfied from their purchase (Auto Traders, 2017).

By being impartial, Peek-a-Car will be able to pull out and align precise, reliable and neutral information from its smart knowledge base after gathering their input to cater their needs accurately.


With the development of technology in automobile, more and more different car manufacturers are keep upgrading their car models by adding new safety technologies, modern appearance and also improvements in ergonomics of the car.

In this situation, a great quantity of car models manufactured by different car brands will came out in the market, it makes consumers falls into a contemplation of what car to buy and some of the new models even had similar features with each others that are confusing the consumers (Reed, 2016). Hence, decision making in buying a new car became a lot more difficult and extra time will be needed.

Diagram 1 (AutoTrader, 2016)

According to the pie chart in diagram 1 from the Auto Trader’s Car Buyer Journey (2016), car buyers spent an average of 14 hours and 44 minutes of time on getting their new vehicle and 59% of the time that buyers used is for doing online researching of their ideal car type according to their budget, requirements, specifications, reliability and design of the car.

Also, most of the buyer were undecided what car to buy before they begin their shopping processes but once they started, around 6 out of 10 of the buyers are started to have a multiple considerations of vehicle choices (AutoTrader, 2016). Besides that, since buyers already knew which types of vehicle that will satisfy them and the what is the budget they have, it will be the time for the buyers to decide what they want to see in their new vehicle.

Buyer’s wants can be identified with an variety of variables such as, styling, image, color, fuel consumption, technologies, conveniences and comfort (Wardlaw, 2016). In consequence, an extensive of time will be spent for buyers just to decide an ideal model of car to satisfy their needs, there is no doubt that enough concern must be paid in order to solve this problem.


In today’s modern world, an automotive machinery such as a car can be viewed from various spectrum, some might argue that a car is simply a tool that transports from point A to point B, on the other end, the automotive enthusiasts might argue that cars have mould and contribute to the culture of today’s society.

LaFerrari, Koenigsegg Regera, Ford GT, these are merely the tip of the iceberg of a lineup of stellar supercars, though they differ in terms of brand name, but they each do represent an ambitious dream, which is to achieve or even breakthrough the limits of what human engineering is capable of.

Though it may be a comical fantasy to convert everyone into a petrolhead, but, at the very least, uninterested parties or novices of the automotive industry should be well – versed with some limiting factors when deciding to purchase a car. For instance, a buyer should determine the engine capacity and the number of engine cylinders of their desired car.

The engine capacity of the car is detrimental to the motor road tax paid by the owner, (Herbert, 2017) whereas the number of engine cylinders affects the fuel consumption of the vehicle. More cylinders in an engine block will produce more power, but fuel consumption will suffer, lower number of cylinders are considered eco – friendly cars as these cars do not consume more fuel. (Gold, 2017)

The list of limiting factors stretches on as the user of Peek-a-Car inputs more detailed and specialised needs. Therefore, the existence of an expert system that is able to provide the best recommendation and solution is required to tackle numerous car buying difficulties that is solely based on factual knowledge. As a plus, the user will be able to grasp useful in – depth understanding about their very own vehicular transportation.

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