Milly Crock is Abner Shutt's better half and is the little girl

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Milly Crock is Abner Shutt's better half and is the little girl of average workers individuals who have a place with the Original Believers' Church. She is "fair-haired with lovely bright blue eyes; she was somewhat frail, but Abner didn't know it; to him she seemed the most wonderful of created things, and very much too good for an ugly, graceless fellow like himself" (20). Milly's considerate mindset and magnificence are before long depleted by granulating neediness and the diligent work of youngster raising and housekeeping.

In any case, she keeps up her faithfulness to Ford even as he misses her better half and different specialists: "Abner and Milly were the most abject of serfs, having pictures of their liege cut from Sunday supplements and pasted on the wall, serving the same purpose as Russian ikons" (145).

Annabelle is Johnny Shutt's wife, is "a fashionable young lady who had been through high school, belonging to a secret society which had secured her from contact with undesirable classmates" (143).

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A status-cognizant social climber from the earliest starting point, she "associated with wives of her own level, carefully avoided those of lower levels, and crudely and persistently sought access to those of higher levels" (143). Amid the Great Depression, she winds up furious and harsh toward her better half since she associates him with helping his poor guardians monetarily. In spite of the fact that Johnny encounters tough occasions amid the Depression, his reaction to this hardship isn't to turn reproachful of Ford, but instead to put himself much more completely in accomplishing and clutching his upper-working class status.

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Subsequent to enduring the Depression, Annabelle just turns out to be increasingly resolved to snatch a bit of the pie and restrict the work development. She turns into: a tight-lipped and sharp-spoken youthful lady, who dealt with her two youngsters solidly, stood simple from her cleaning specialist, and conveyed a similar martinet frame of mind into her expressions on political and social inquiries. She needed work disturbance to put down quickly, before it escaped hand, and she is accepting its continuation as an individual attack against herself.

Dell Brace We first experience Dell as Tom's college cohort; she is "the cute little one with large spectacles and slightly stooped shoulders" (207). The daughter of a "reactionary Republican" (207) state senator from Iowa, she is "a conscientious young woman who had plunged herself up to the neck in the cause of the workers" (207). In the long run, Dell moves to Detroit to work and wed Tom. As a welfare specialist for the city of Detroit, Dell is "tender-hearted and serious, and her heart bled for [the city's destitute] because they could get so little of what they ought to have" (209). She will in general admire the common laborers and is delicate and cherishing toward Tom and his family. It is Dell who most stresses for Tom's security, and who has an instinct that they are being pursued on their path home from the work meeting.

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