Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology

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Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology Emerging Technologies and Issues CMGT 557 June 20, 2011 Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology We have all seen it, rather on television, in newspapers, magazines, and now on your computer. The vendors bombard us with the terms like New, Improved, Latest and Greatest, better than ever, and the Fastest. It’s amazing when it’s for the same product; the listing is somewhat endless on what the product can do.

It has becomes so common place consumers have become except to the advertisement and are picking the product not on the Hardware of Software capabilities but are purchasing product strictly on emotions.

This is probably not the right way to make a purchase, and here is why. Latest and Greatest Let’s talk about the “new and improved” as well as the latest and greatest” this is only true for some things and others come and go without anyone remembering them.

For instant; New Coke, Pepsi Free, Ma Bell, AT&T and the New AT&T, however, when it comes to technology the consumer tend to want the latest and greatest and are willing to changes as soon as a new product comes out.

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For instances: iPods, Hi Definition Digital Televisions and the top computer equipment and that is where the issue starts. Like buying a car the moment you but the computer is the moment it becomes outdated, with the exception you don’t drive it out of the showroom, you carry it out of the store and brake the seal on the package, bam the computer is outdated.

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Consumers expect their computer’s to last for years, and the through to the computer becoming obsolete right after the purchase has led consumers to make illogical decisions. Bleeding, Leading Edge When it comes to computer, being on the leading edge of technology can be a good thing. However, being on the bleeding edge could cost and most often turn into a not so good thing. This is because bleeding edge is a technology that is so new that the end-use may be at risk when it comes to the stability of the technology.

This in turn can cost the use in productivity, but mostly it could cost them more in the long term than that of the tried-and-true technologies of current day. There have been rewards for successful implementing early adoption of a new computer product, but you have to keep in mind the lifecycle could be longer and sticking with the current standard product. The cost is not the only dangers the consumer faces when selecting a bleeding edge product, there is the chance of be stuck with the white elephant in the room.

Understand that once you have implemented the new product of brought into new technology there could be no turning back, as lease for a period of time. After Implementation After adoption of a new technology there is always a chance of a price drop once the technology goes worldwide, but the consumer that purchased the product when it was classified as bleeding edge has served as the shack out provider. The bleeding edge consumer has also taken all the risk associated with purchasing a bleeding edge product.

There is one such bleeding edge technology product that comes to mind that is still waiting on it day, that is the 64-bit Hardware/software. The operating systems are currently out there, however, there is a lag in the industry to move to 64-bit. The software company never invested in the 64-bit technology, but instead made their current 32-bit applications work in the 64-bit. Therefore the advertisement states that it is faster, and that is true and the cost and limited availability of the native applications makes this a good investment, therefore turning this bleeding edge technology into a leading edge technology.

The Bottom Line Never be the first to upgrade or buy the first model of anything. Like with cars the first hybrid were not as economical as they were made to appear. The first version of the iPhone did not have a lot of the features that regular cell phones had, like picture text messaging. The first version of the iPhone required you to log-on to the internet on your computer to see the picture text message. Remember Microsoft’s Vista, talk about a white elephant in the room and being force to keep it around a day longer than you planned?

The key to bleeding technology and leading technology, while it might be popular to have the latest product, the truth be told it is no prize for being the guinea pig. For a large corporation a purchase of a unproven product could prove to be costly. Now not to be to negative, it is nice to have the latest and greatest, but there is a fine line between bleeding edge technology and leading edge technology. Leading edge technology implies a new product that is revolutionary when compared to previous products.

Were as bleeding edge technology implies pain and suffering while using the new product that may not be completely ready for public use. The only good time to be the a guinea pig is when it’s free, but remember you get what you pay for, and then you are referred to as a beta-tester willing to work for free. Therefore, in order to prevent the consumers for the issue of bleeding edge technology and leading technology, the rule to follow is, only upgrade for a required new feature, it always pays to be patient with it comes to technology. t. Reference HAGERMAN & COMPANY INC. (2009). Leading edge or bleeding edge. Retrieved from http://newsletters. hagerman. com/newsletters/ebul43-WP. htm PHIL FOR HUMANITY. (2006-2011). Cutting Edge versus Bleeding Edge Technology. Retrieved from http://www. philforhumanity. com/Bleeding_Edge_Technology. html Wolters Kluwer Financial Services. (2010). Leading Edge Technology is not always Bleeding Edge Technology. Retrieved from http://www. riskheadquarters. com/leading-edge-technology-is-not-always-bleeding-edge-technology/

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Merging Leading Edge Technology with Bleeding Edge Technology

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