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Mcdonald's vs. Wendy's

In today’s era the low carb diets and obsessive exercise routines, people are more careful with food choices, but also there comes the era where fast food restaurants accommodate the need for cheap food quickly. The fast, quick, and easy foods though are unfortunately aren’t always the healthiest choices for the person. There are two fast food restaurants that are now offering healthy menu choices low in fats and carbs without taking away the taste. McDonald’s and Wendy’s both fall under the same category for fast foods but both provide different characteristics in healthier choice menu items.

The two fast food restaurants differ considerably but both Wendy’s and McDonald’s offer numerous salad choices.

The most incredible breakthrough for these two fast food restaurants was the introduction of the healthier burger alternatives to their menus. Wendy’s one healthier sandwich to offer which is the Ultimate Chicken Grill which only has 6.5 grams of fat when loaded with toppings.

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Wendy’s is also the leader in various healthier meals. Wendy’s baked potatoes, minus all the large fatty toppings, are a great choice to a healthy meal. While Wendy’s had a selective healthier menu choices for a while, McDonald’s however has begun to offer healthier meal choices. In today’s era, McDonald’s provides a wide variety of healthy alternatives including fruit yogurt parfaits and green apple slices for the children’s menu. McDonald’s healthier sandwich choices include McVeggie Burger, Chicken Fajitas, and Whole Wheat Chicken McGrill.

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Wendy’s presentation of healthier menu choices is superior. Wendy’s salads are large and fresh with topping sizes appropriate.

McDonald’s fails at establishing a superior presentation of healthier food choices. The McDonald’s salads lack in appearance and freshness; the salads appear just to be thrown together and often look like wilted lettuce. Without a knife, eating salads can be overwhelming. The chicken pieces in the salads are sliced but not separated, and need to be broken down. Generally, the McDonald’s salads lack freshness, and presentation.

Wendy’s combination of salads has become a popular menu choice. Wendy’s was the first major fast food chain to offer fast food salad as a meal’s main course. Wendy’s offers four salad choices ranging from possessing 3 grams of fat to 30 grams depending on the salad toppings. The variety and quality of these salads has established an outstanding reputation for this restaurant.

Reaction to the popularity of salads, McDonald’s is now offering salads as a main course menu choice. As well, in attempt to boast a healthier image. The fat content of McDonald’s salads is also comparable to that of Wendy’s. It is obvious that McDonald’s effectively boasts a variety of decent tasty salads.

Finally, several salad choices, meal variety, and good presentation are all considered when evaluating a fast food restaurant. People now days constantly seek easy ways to gain nourishment, with fast food restaurants such as Wendy’s and McDonald’s, making healthier food choices easier. The need to diet has finally become a key selling point for many restaurants.

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