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Risk-Taking in Adolescents and Their Maturity
Words • 857
Pages • 4
This article reviews the understanding of risk-taking in adolescents and its association with consequences that can be related during real-life experiences. This has been reviewed as the article believes there has been a neglection towards the analysis of decision making and “outcome-related processes” (2: 568-581). The overall aim of the study was to assess how results differ in relation to risky against safe decisions. It was “hypothesized that there would be no developmental differences in risk-taking behaviour” (2: 568-581). Furthermore,…...
AdolescenceConfidenceGenderMaturity Comes With AgePsychologyRisk
Maturity in “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee
Words • 652
Pages • 3
There are lots of marks that show one’s maturity. But maturity takes time, just like bread being ovened. Nonetheless, the bread has to sit for a consecutive hour, rather than in four breaks of 15 minutes intervals. Relating this to people means one needs to constantly be exposed to events that mature them. If the bread, like people, are exposed unsteadily and in odd breaks, they will not mature. Maturity In the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee,…...
Harper LeeMaturity Comes With AgeTo Kill A Mockingbird
Maturity Stage and Decline Stage
Words • 307
Pages • 2
This stage view the company new product become less new and it is now standardized, well known and established in the current market. It is increasingly distributed to larger markets in national or even in international dimensions. Price wars intensify against competitor brands and substitution products will cause the company production facilities move to location to have cheaper labour in order for the company to control costs. Sales volume in this stage will be maximized as the market saturation is…...
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Moll Flanders: From Innocence to Maturity
Words • 1010
Pages • 4
Moll Flanders is the central character of the novel “Moll Flanders”, who was born in Newgate, England and passed different phases of her life across England and America. The entire novel depicts those phases of her life through five marriages, among which only one was fruitful. Between her marriages and through them, the character of Moll Flanders evolves which shows her ingenuity, energy and determination to survive and do well. Moll is born in a prison in Newgate and soon…...
MarriageMaturity Comes With Age
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