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Marketing: Four Pillar

Many organizations are determined to fulfill certain duty. Various organizations employ certain principles and guidelines in ensuring that they are successful. Thus the aim of the paper is to analyze two organizations one from the hospitality industry and the other from a registered charity organization. In this case, the hospitality industry is the Four Pillar Hotel while the registered charity organization is the Cancer Research UK. 2. 0 Stakeholder Identification In every country and place, various organizations and institutions play important roles in providing products and services to the community.

Thus, in the private leisure industry an example is the Four Pillars Hotel while in the registered charity organization is the Cancer Research UK. Four Pillars Hotel provide hospitality services and products such have food and beverage. Cancer Research UK deals in researching cancer and deriving ways that improves the understanding of the cancer, its diagnosis and the treatment of the disease. Many private owned organizations seek profits, a role that is played by Four Pillars Hotel.

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Thus, Four Pillar Hotel has various internal stakeholders. Four Pillar Hotel brings together six branches of the hotel, each having specific internal stakeholders. Each has a manager who ensures that the interest of the hotel is achieved. The owners are interested in making profits and giving back some of its profits to the community. The staff members and other employees such as waiters and bar waiters ensure that they service the customers in the right way and in a way that is appreciated by the customer.

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External Stakeholders are the government who provide licenses and guidelines in the management of the industry. Supplies that ensure there are enough food, beverages and other amenities in the hotel. Customers consume the services and products that are offered by the hotel. On the other hand, the community ensures that the there is no clash between the hotel and socio-economic environment. Cancer Research UK internal stakeholders are the managers who ensures that the vision is achieved, owners which are people who are interested in eliminating or reducing cancer.

Others include the staff and employees who are the scientists and doctors who administer treatment and researching on cancer disease. External stakeholders are the patients and the local community who forms the customers. The government plays a role in sponsoring and aiding the organization. 3. 0 Analysis of Stakeholders The aim of the different stakeholders is to fulfill the vision and mission in their respective organization. Thus, the stakeholders bring together various ideas including financial, managerial and acquiring services & products.

1 The Internal Stakeholders The aim and role of the internal stakeholders is to ensure that the institution or organization is liked by external world. Hence, internal stakeholders bring together owners, managers and staff with specified roles. 3. 1. 2 Owners Cancer Research UK was incorporated February 4, 2002. It is a merger Imperial Cancer Research Fund and Cancer Research Campaign. The organization operates through the guideline of government and donors. It has various branches in the United Kingdom and is ranked has among the biggest charity support.

On the other hand, a group of individuals privately owns Four Pillar Hotel and they manage. Thus, the owners of the hotel determine the regulations and policies that guide the hotel. The hotel has a long history. Hence, the owners of the Cancer Research UK are determined in eliminating and treating cancer and ensuring that there is availability of drugs. Owners of Four Pillar Hotel are determined in making profits and earning revenues. This forms the main difference of the ownership aspect.

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