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Marketing Ad

The two images above are print advertisements of competing brands of watch. The first image is an advertisement of Rolex. This advertisement appeared in Time Magazine. The second image is a print advertisement of Tag Heuer which appeared in Maxim. These rival products are known to be very expensive and sometimes become a status symbol. Analyzing the advertisements, one will identify that the target market of these advertisements are wealthy men that also have interest on sports.

The Rolex ad chose Time Magazine since most readers of this magazine are rich businessmen.

Therefore, appearance on this magazine could gain potential customers who could afford the product. Tag Heuer, on the other hand, preferred to print the ad in Maxim. It was chosen because Maxim is a men’s magazine. Of course, most of the readers are male. The competing brands are very similar in positioning their product. Both of the ads use sports celebrities. Phil Mickelson is a world-class golfer and Boris Becker is a famous tennis player.

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The brands are positioned to be fit for wealthy men who play or watch golf or tennis games. The ads want to make people think that these watches are stylish and are of good quality that rich men choose to wear them. However, reading the texts that come with the images of the ad, there are also differences on product positioning. Becker’s image is accompanied with a big lettering of the word “Strength”. This text just wants men to think that wearing this brand of watch would give them the feeling that they are also strong and powerful just like Becker.

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On the other hand, Mickelson’s image is accompanied by the words “stylish and dependable”. It wants to create an impression to consumers that this brand of watch is also modish and reliable. Marketing Ad 4 The first ad communicated rationally. The texts say that the brand Rolex is ‘stylish and dependable’. These are the selling propositions of the brand. Its execution style is a slice of life. The image shown is a scene from one of Mickelson’s golf games. The tone used in this ad is factual since its execution style is slice of life.

On the other hand, the second ad used emotional appeal by using the word ‘strength’ and by how the model stares. Through Becker’s intense gaze, it can stir the emotions and thoughts of men to be tough like him. The execution style used by this ad is personality symbol. It used Becker to represent the feeling of strength that this brand would give the consumers who would wear it. The tone of this ad is positive. It gives hope to men who want to be as tough as him. The objective of both ads is to convince men to patronize the product.

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