Manifesto for Entertainment Prefectship Essay

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Manifesto for Entertainment Prefectship

I had a dream and in the dream I had a vision and in the vision, I saw that I could move this great school from one state to another. It is said that the old age of Methuselah has nothing to do with the wisdom of the wise King Solomon. Mr. Chairman, Mr. Headmaster, the honorable members of staff of this noble school, the electoral commissioner, fellow aspirant, enthusiastic students, I greet you all.

Once again, here comes another political season or era which is characterized by the handing over of spiritual and physical batons from the old Elijah’s to the new Elisha’s First and foremost, the Latin saying “ qui mutum datum qui sum mutum expectatum “ which simple means to whom much is given much is expected goes to prove the fact that I am the best of all choices made. I, SAMBA CHARLES in collaboration with the other prefects about to be elected will ensure that discipline is held in the highest level.

Secondly, it is an unbeatable fact and therefore a force to reckon with members of this school have not got the opportunity in recent times to participate in external games, quizzes, debates etc which will however boost their mental, social and physical attitudes. Also, I will ensure that the school is have a well equipped entertainment office for it is said that a man who does not play or entertain him/herself get the constipation of thoughts and diarrhea of words.

My ultimate priority of the “Ancora Impara” which simply means that the attitude of learning shall I hold indisputably to ensure that my time shall see a considerably rise in academic performance through quality entertainment. Finally, I will like you to cast your votes for I have the power of the peace novelist; Mahatma Ghanda, the charisma of Flt.

Jerry John Rawlings, the nobility and fame of Nelson Mandela, the commanding power of Field Marshall Idi Amin, and The finest meritorious rule of Fidel Castro and above all the vision of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Vote and vote wisely for your vote is your greatest power and secrete. Vote SAMBA, the potential potentate who has the power, ability, capability and capacity to head you towards the attainment of your aspiration. God bless you all!

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