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Management is a role that always looked upon when any person in need of assistance. Hence as a leader, one is required to set a compelling example by having a set of values, attitude, and practices while at work or in personal lives. Management is a position that requires one to be well equipped and to always be here for others to emulate. However, to become a manager one has to go through education, and just like other courses, a student has to be attentive and active during lessons.

The course has its challenges, but with determination, one always succeeds. But for an international student studying in the US, the challenges are always more than those of natives. The course has assisted me to know my strengths and weakness as a student and the fundamentals of management. There are four fundamentals of management, and they include planning, controlling, leading, and organization. Therefore I believe that every person belongs to those four basics of management while in the workforce.

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Hence the purpose of this essay is to give my self-reflection on the fundamentals of management.

As a student, I have learned many traits about myself and what is needed for a person to become a good manager. Also, I have had an opportunity to know what the companies look for in a leader during recruitment. The course has taught me on how to handle different situations while in the job place, and all through my studies I have figured out I am good in working hard and my relationship with fellow students is excellent.

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But after doing a personal assessment, I have come to realize that my management skills need a bit of improvement.

I have learned that my first language has caused my weaknesses (bell et al. 2018). My first language is Chinese and hence while interacting with teammates, I at times give them some difficulties trying to understand my English. I know that one of the qualities of a good leader is being fluent and being able to communicate in a language that all understand. Also, as a Chinese studying in a different country, the challenge of accent has affected my skills in communication and as a result making me always to be afraid of talking. During teamwork, I never like being the one teaching the others so that I avoid making language mistake while speaking. However, I have realized that I can be able to fix my problem by interacting with fluent English speakers so that they can correct me where I go wrong and in the process help me to improve my English.

Also, I have a weakness in quickly adapting to new changes. As an international student, I have faced a challenge of adapting to the new culture. Chinese culture is different to American culture in many ways, the food that is common in America is different from what am used to back in China (Jeston, 2014). Consequently, I feel the same weakness can affect me when it comes to adaptability to new organizational changes. I have always been slow to react to new changes. Additionally, I find myself distracted by any distracting news something that affects my performance. However, I understand that weaknesses are not things to be ashamed of but rather things that creates room for improvement.

One of my strength has been having trust in myself. As a woman, it requires one to believe and trust in herself to succeed. I believe that women can excel in all types of jobs and more so as leaders in the workforce. The belief has assisted me to develop a feeling of a leader even when in the presence of my teammates, they notice that great qualities in me. Also, I have shown strength in my reasoning, one of the fundamentals of management is planning, hence as a leader one is supposed to possess high quality in planning something that I have realized that I have.

Also, my reasoning is independent and well-structured and helps when it comes to teamwork. Although I like teamwork, I at times find myself working alone, and this is because I find working as a time at times making completion of a task difficult. My classmates have enjoyed my capabilities when it comes to group discussions since at times I assist them in coming up with a solution by organizing them in small groups and assigning each group part of the problem and later coming together with answers within a short period. My qualities in coming up with a solution are well shown when I work as an independent person, and I believe this will be an added advantage to me when I will become a manager.

After taking a personal assessment, I have been surprised to know that I can better work as an individual than as part of the group. For a long time, I have valued group work since I believed that better ideas come when people are working as groups. Also, the assessment has assisted me to understand that my success has mostly been because I believe in myself (Easterby-Smith et al. 2015). I have learned that I can be classified as a successful manager due to my strong abilities in getting well with people. Additionally, from the assessment test, I have learned that I can be able to improve my weaknesses by involving myself more in talking with course mates something that will assist me in improving my skills in the language. I have been able to know that I can be an understanding and a social manager who can help employees to be effective and efficient in their work. However, my weakness will also be seen by my inability to recruit and interview new staffs since introverts like me don’t like to be in a situation where they have to determine the future of other people.

The assessment will assist me in working towards eliminating my weakness as well as improving my strength. As a woman, I have to keep moving in the right direction to ensure that I become a role model to other ladies behind. I feel that my teammates have assisted me in identifying my weak points and proposing what I should do to become a better leader. The class has taught me that there is always room for knowledge in a leader and that the skills learned always last for a lifetime and they can be applied anywhere in the life of a person as a leader in the business industry. The class has assisted in shaping me and helping me set personal goals to becoming a better manager before I graduate.

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