Young Pakistani activist - Malala Yousafzai

"For their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education." Malala Yousafzai is a young Pakistani activist for female education, she is also the youngest Nobel Prize honoree. I specifically decided to do this leadership paper on Malala, not only because she is a female education activist, but also because she has overcome many obstacles in such a short amount of time (Campisi.) She was only 11 years old when she published her first "diary"

entry to the British Broadcasting Company, this entry was titled, "I am Afraid.

" In this entry, she discusses how she feared that Swat Valley was going to enter a full-blown war zone. She also wrote about how she had nightmares about attending school due to the Taliban ("Profile: Malala.")

At 11 years old, she publically started a campaign for her right to attend school, after she had returned from being placed into a safer place. Three years later, she and her father had become well known throughout Pakistan.

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In 2012, the Taliban had attempted to assassinate 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai on her way home from school (Campisi.) She attended Edgbaston High School for Girls from 2013-2017. Then, she went on to attend Lady Margaret Hall, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England.

Currently, she is still speaking to girls who are unable to attend school. During her studies she continued her campaign, it was successful enough to be heard worldwide (Pettinger.) "Every year on my birthday I travel to meet girls who are struggling to go to school -- to stand with them and to make sure the world hears their stories.

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" ("Profile: Malala") with her being only 21, she still has so much more to achieve.

I think the biggest type of management skills that Malala has would have to be human skills and conceptual skills. I would say the most obvious skill would be human skills because she is an activist and speaks to so many individuals. When you are passionate about something, like she is you grasp your audience and you are able to effectively work within a full range of people. I feel like conceptual skills is kind of reach but, when you are passionately speaking on something that you truly believe, you have a full understanding. You can see the big picture and relate certain parts and aspects to the person that you are speaking to.

Malala is definitely a free-rein leader. She considers herself not only an activist but a "passionate campaigner." She doesn't make the decisions but she hopes that by being more vocal about the topic will shed more light on girls and education. Although she does not get to make the changes and decisions she does get to have her word and hope to bring changes in how everyone sees female education. Hopefully, she can make a political change or even make a step in that direction.

In conclusion, Malala Yousafzai is not your everyday leader. She does not run a country, dictates the rules, nor does she make the rules. Rather, she makes a change, and the impacts so many lives every day. I think she is awesome and intelligent, she is so young and she has already done so much. She has excellent people skills, and I think that makes her so successful and so impactful. Being a leader is a ton of responsibility and with her being so young, it is just so amazing that she was able to achieve her goal.


I feel like I was a little shocked to find that she was only 21 and did not have much education beyond a couple of years at a university. I am not surprised that she studied philosophy, politics, and economics, it shows because of what she has decided to dedicate her life to. I admire when people study in their passions rather than studying for money.

I feel like after doing my research on Malala it has definitely hasn't changed my education goals. Researching her and other women like her such as Michelle Bachelet, Michelle Obama, and Erna Solberg has made me realize that girls' education is not as simple as it seems. I just have a hard time understanding why some people feel that women do not need education, and why girls' schools are not as important.

I feel like I did not see much of myself in Malala, only because she is so brave and takes risks. Whereas, I like to follow rules and not speak my mind and give my opinions. If there is one quality that I can relate most to, it is probable that the few things I am passionate about I do love to try to show people why I love that thing/ idea. For example, I am a co-owner of a local small animal foster, and I try to stress adopting animals over buying from a breeder.

I wish I was more comfortable expressing my opinions and ideas openly and to all different people. I feel like I am not cut out to be a leader but maybe if I gained some self-confidence and had a very good grasp at what I was leading I think I could be a successful leader.

I definitely feel like I have learned that following passions and dreams are going to be more rewarding rather than chasing for money. Also, I have learned that I will probably never be a leader.

Updated: Nov 01, 2020
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