Making a Great First Impression

The foundation of a good first impression is appropriateness. That starts within the first few seconds of meeting someone new. It’s a natural occurrence as a human being to make unintended judgments based on appearance. This includes what you wear, how appropriately you dress, and how you carry yourself. The way you present your personal appearance can be a disadvantage or it can be an asset. Being mindful about how you are portraying yourself in the correct setting is one of the best ways to help yourself in an interview.

It’s the first step in getting the job.

In figuring out how to create better first impressions for yourself you will end up understanding that a vital part of appropriate communication is knowing that it is less about yourself and more about the person you are connecting with. That means allowing yourself to be an active listener and maintaining a considerate, well-mannered attitude. Which requires providing undivided attention, with eye contact and by showing that you’re listening.

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And most importantly removing any distractions that could potentially tarnish the good image you’ve made so far.

Being on time for any type of occasion is expected and considered appropriate for a successful first impression. It’s especially a tough way to start a professional relationship. It is essential to allow yourself enough time to arrive a few minutes early because it demonstrates responsibility and reliability.

I personally could benefit from practicing more confidence and self-assurance. New encounters can be challenging for me, I tend to overthink what I say and how my body language is being read.

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It’s important for me to learn ways to practice these concepts, as it will direct me away from second-guessing and self-doubt. Putting myself out there will present me as more positive, trustworthy, and at ease. It’s useful for me to be aware of where the middle ground is so I don’t come off as too assertive and make a poor first impression. Ultimately it will not only bring me success in my interpersonal communication but my intrapersonal as well.

A Small Talk is a tool I hope to apply to my communication behaviors such as improved body language. I often find myself filling uncomfortable silences with constant talking or none due to nerves. A great way I can implement Small Talk into my current communication skills is staying attentive and engaged in the person I am speaking with and in return, I will be focused on being an active listener, rather than worrying about how my words will be perceived. I will be working through my nerves simultaneously. You are only allowed one first impression and knowing that there are ways to practice Small Talk skills will allow me to be more prepared and mindful each time I experience a new introduction.

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Making a Great First Impression

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