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New media business: parents magazine
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The target market for the magazine includes all members of the society with extra cash in there pockets. They will included parents, parents to be, singles both male and female and young people. This are the groups that are interested in issues relating to parents, this people must be between the age of 5? 50. However if they exceed the age of 50 they must have special attention to children’s affairs. It cuts across all community members. The age structure…...
Magazines to attract the desired target audience
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In my coursework project I aim to look at and investigate the differing techniques used by magazines to persuade and inform. The area of the magazines that I am going to concentrate on will be the front covers. I hope to investigate ways in which magazine front covers appeal to and attract the desired target audience. Age, sex, likes and dislikes are all elements which contribute towards the magazines audience. The magazines which I have chosen to focus on are…...
The era of press barons and its harmful effects
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The private realm of public figures The press, in its bid for more "scoops", has a tendency to invade the private realm of public figures and members of the Royal family, under the veneer of "investigative journalism". The availability of bugging and telephone tapping devices in the market facilitate the press's recordings of some shocking private conversation between the Prince of Wales and his close friend, Camilla Parker Bowles and led to the publication of the transcript of the Camilliagate…...
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Women’s magazines
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During the 1960's the Women's Liberation Movement began to campaign to change women's role in society, so traditional women's publications changed. Cosmopolitan existed in America since 1886 as a fiction magazine but at this time became a new magazine for the "sexually liberated woman". 4 As the magazine had stared to lose circulation and advertising Helen Gurley Brown was named editor to transform cosmopolitan. She had written a best-selling book called Sex and The Single Girl which was received very…...
Vogue Magazine
Words • 2874
Pages • 12
Introduction Vogue was first published in 1892 and ever since has reflected the rules of the fashion world. Vogue means 'fashion prevailing at any given time', which is why Vogue it such a good name for the magazine. It talks about the ins and outs of the fashion world and is under the arm of any chic fashion conscious chick. My first impressions of the front cover were optimistic. The cover was bright and colourful. The magazine presented itself as…...
Teenage Magazine Assignment
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Pages • 4
Teenage magazines are widely read around the UK. Magazines are a way of life, whether it corresponds pop or computer games. Teenage magazines continue to develop as a major information, entertainment and advertising medium. There are always new magazines competing with each other to boost up their profits. Magazines exist by discovering and analysing social attitudes and selling their products to people attracted to them. Teenage magazines clearly try and target a specific age group. This niche audience will change…...
A study of the representation of women in magazine beauty advertisements
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Pages • 14
A study of the representation of women in magazine beauty advertisements, with close reference to Dove and Chanel The extreme focus on beauty and desirability is very apparent in today's media, with almost every beauty advertisement looking "perfect". However, what some women fail to realise, is that these adverts have most definitely been re-touched, therefore making that level of beauty impossible to attain. The media world that we live in constantly presents us with the perfect woman. Women sell everything…...
Strategic assessment – wealth creator magazine
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Pages • 3
Alternative Courses of Action: Maintain the Status Quo and current direction of the publication as it appears to be successful and keep expanding into new states and territories. So far the magazine reaches Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Sell the magazine to a larger publisher whilst it is still achieving growth in a mature and declining category. There will come a point when the magazine will no longer be able to achieve growth and will experience a downturn in…...
Print media analysis of ‘Zoo’ magazine
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Pages • 4
  Each terrestrial channel has a column showing every programme to be shown on the day, yet there are no descriptions of daytime television programmes, because the intended audience are presumed to be at work, and these programmes are generally aimed at the female audience. Programmes that may be of interest are highlighted in bold print, and the programmes that the writers presume will be of interest to the audience are boxed - off and coloured yellow. These programmes are…...
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Parallel Import (Grey Market)
Words • 288
Pages • 2
A parallel import is a non-counterfeit product imported from another country without the permission of the intellectual property owner. Parallel imports are often referred to as grey product, and are implicated in issues of international trade, and intellectual property. The practice of parallel importing is often advocated in the case of software, music, printed texts and electronic products, and occurs for several reasons: 1. Different versions of a product are produced for sale in different markets. E. g. : Top…...
Marjorie Ferguson
Words • 678
Pages • 3
Marjorie Ferguson noted that such magazines are organized around a 'cult of femininity', which promotes an ideology that where women should be caring for others/family/marriage and most importantly their looks. Modern female magazines, especially those aimed at young women are attempting to move away from these stereotypes-although Ferguson argues that even these tend to focus on 'Him, Home and Looking good' (for him). As women have begun to achieve more recognition outside the family home and now are beginning to…...
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Magazine Covers
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Pages • 4
here are many different forms of advertising, and it's everywhere! It persuades us to buy the product they are selling. One type of advert is the cover of a magazine. Whether it's the copy, character or graphics, all of the components play a part in selling the magazine and other products featured in or on it. Cosmo Girl and FHM are the two covers I have been studying. The common character to both magazines is Sarah Michelle Gellar, in different…...
Magazine Analysis of GQ Magazine
Words • 503
Pages • 3
GQ magazine is a men's magazine, which could appeal to some women, but the majority of readers are men, it appeals to a mass 18 - 35 year old men. The audience can purchase this magazine every month for the price of i?? 3. 30. The main editor Dylan Jones tries to project his own lifestyle through the magazine well sending a subliminal message that this is how men should spend their lives, how to act, dress, what cars to…...
Ethnic Minorities in Magazines
Words • 380
Pages • 2
There are a limited amount of ethnic minorities featured in these magazines. This is quite inexcusable as children and teenagers should be encouraged to interact interracially and also the lack of ethnic minorities appearing in this medium could make girls who are part of ethnic minorities feel isolated. There needs to be more of a balance of ethnicity shown in these magazines. There is feature after feature of embarrassing celebrity exposures in these magazines. Is this fair? Well from the…...
Should celebrity’s private lives be made public by magazine and newspaper?
Words • 731
Pages • 3
Pros: * Gossip magazines profit by revealing news which may attract more people to buy them. * Celebrities, too, make additional profits as a result of the media's interest. Since both newspapers and magazines are common reading materials, hence a large number of readers may come to know about this piece of news. As such, celebrities can make use of this chance to win popularity and become famous. Articles or reports about them may also attract more to buy DVDs…...
Advertising in newspapers
Words • 1056
Pages • 5
FLE's objective is to increase visitor numbers, so advertising in newspapers might be a good was to help achieve this FLE could consider advertising in magazines. There a number of advantages to advertising in newspapers, for example the advert might be publish is somewhat flexible in terms of size and colour; if they want a large advert this is doable in a newspaper spread rather than a small magazine, also, if they want a black and white picture, it will…...
The American Thinker: Online Magazine
Words • 1340
Pages • 6
The American Thinker is an online magazine with information regarding important issues to the Americans. This institute is conservative; with limitless topics involving American politics, national security, economics, business, medicine, etc. The American Thinker is a private website that allows visitors to donate and become an ad-free member. The information encountered on the American Thinker is divided into tabs. This includes a home tab, a tab explaining the American Thinkers purpose, a search tab, a tab for a member to…...
At a very young age my parents introduced me to a magazine
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Pages • 3
At a very young age, my parents introduced me to a magazine called Children's Fine Art and fostered my ability of looking forward to each new experience with the fine art. Early experience of exposure to a wide range of brightly colored drawings, from my perspective, could be called an enlightenment of art to the little version of me. As I grow older, costume design which I learned from TV show became my top favorite and I even designed my…...
Consumerism of Teens and Their Magazines
Words • 1785
Pages • 8
There is not a day that goes by where I don’t witness a teenage girl in the mall dressed very provocatively, wearing short skirts, tight shirts, and covered in make-up. The group of girls she associates herself with is also dressed very sexy and in my opinion inappropriate for their age. As they walk they giggle and hold conversations about fashion and what they did with their boyfriends last night. Checking out stores for the latest trends, they also take…...
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Axe Essence
Words • 980
Pages • 4
Businesses and organizations use advertising as a channel source of marketing in order to communicate a product, service, or idea to a targeted audience. These companies strive to create a particular advertising appeal, which is “the basis or approach used in a advertising message to attract the attention or interest of consumer and/or influence their feeling toward the product, service, or cause”(Belch & Belch, 2012). The company takes into account various social factors before encoding the message in the ad…...
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Rhetorical Analysis on Ads in Magazines
Words • 1802
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Rhetorical essays
Publications are getting in appeal nowadays as a tool not only to supply details, but likewise to advertise ads on products that are offered on the market. Since magazines gain readers with various sort of interest, what are the rhetorical strategies utilized by marketers to market similar items to different target audiences of similar culture? Capturing the target audiences' attention requires comprehending about the audiences which open brand-new opportunities for many techniques to be used by marketers to promote an…...
Philippe Halsman
Words • 813
Pages • 4
Philippe Halsman (2 May 1906 Riga, Latvia - 25 June 1979, New York City) was a portrait photographer who made major contributions to the world of modern movement in photography as a fine art. Although Halsman studied electrical engineering, he took up photography as a profession. Halsman left Austria for France. There he began his career as a photographer to fashion magazines such as Vogue and soon became one of the most reputed portrait photographers in France. By 1936, Halsman…...
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Fact Finding: Instyle Magazine
Words • 1702
Pages • 7
Instyle is a women’s fashion magazine originally launched in the United State by Time Warner Inc. The magazine issues monthly, providing photographs and articles about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and celebrity styles to readers. After 18 years development, Instyle becomes an international brand that has editions in seventeen countries. The brand has five extensions – the InStyle website, InStyle Weddings, InStyle Hair, InStyle Makeovers, and Instyle books. The mission of Instyle is to translate high fashion and celebrity glam into options…...
Stereotype In Magazine Advertisement
Words • 422
Pages • 2
In this modern world, everybody is going after stereotype in every television, newspaper, and magazine advertisement. They concern about magazine advertisement most. Everything depends on the advertisement, how the ad is looking also a model in the ad. The biggest thing depends on is the model. In most magazine ad, every sponsor uses the female model. So their advertise looks good and make good impression on the people. Women In magazine advertisement are shown as beautiful, passive, also nurturing. First…...
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New Balance Case study
Words • 2340
Pages • 10
Good Management structure e. g. Van Rooyen the general manager Wide range of products across every sporting category Functional technological design in terms of fit. Foot widths have been incorporated in the design of the shoe. This distinguishes/ differentiates New Balance product from its competitors. Brand has been kept affordable in terms of price Inspired well-taken care of employees who are performance driven because of the culture of the company Is established in many countries and has quite a big…...
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Magazine Advertisement Analysis: Kotex
Words • 715
Pages • 3
This print advertisement for U by Kotex shows a woman driving a convertible in which the written concept takes the edge off the embarrassment some feel about feminine products. (The N.Y. Times, B3) ·As I looked at the advertisement, it gave me a feeling of calmness with a peace of mind. I felt like I could be that young woman in that car. This advertisement describes the driver holding up her right hand, in a light blue convertible on the…...
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Content Analysis Of Gender Stereotypes in Magazines
Words • 2163
Pages • 9
It only takes a second to attach a strong feeling or idea to a character in a movie, advertisement, or video game. Many characterization used are based on the assumed stereotypes, and are usually one-dimensional characters. Typically, these characterizations usually come from inherited family values, education, and the media. While stereotypes existed long before mass media, the media machine certainly helped to accelerate the cultural growth of all kinds of stereotypes. It is beyond this paper to answer why magazines…...
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