Low Self Esteem and How I Met Myself

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How I Met Myself

It's such an overdue post, PMR has just passed and here I am posting this long awaited entry on the Form 3 novel, How I Met Myself.

This novel is all about finding your own ghost or doppelganger and answers the questions of "What If" and "If Only". I found this novel as an interesting piece of literature as it questions the pasts and brings back the future, and it will definitely serves as a medium of intellectual discussions among students and teachers. By the time students reach the Third Form, I realize that students need to be stimulated and encouraged to participate well in group and class discussions as some students fail to give responses due to lack of stimulating readings and low self esteem.

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The idea now in Malaysia, is to let students take charge of the whole learning process, encourage them to think critically and creatively and teachers should take a back seat. Many times, teachers are deemed to be responsible on students' learning process but the reality is students should be held responsible for their own learning as well.

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In this entry, I'm sharing with you, some useful notes on this Form Three novel. Based on the novel “ How I Met Myself” by David A. Hill, the theme that can be found is " Love ”. This theme is significant in this novel as it revolves around John Taylor and his family. This can be seen from the way they take care of each other and stood by their spouses through difficult times in life. “ Love” is definitely around John Taylor’s family as Andrea supports her husband through out the journey of their life. Never once in her life, that Andrea does not believe in John Taylor and his doppelganger.

She is a symbol of a loyal and loving wife, who stands by her man, no matter what is happening to him. Finally, “ love” is seen through John Taylor. He is a responsible father and husband, even if he neglects his family for a while when he is carried away in finding his doppelganger. John Taylor is a character with full of love and care, he loves his wife unconditionally. In conclusion, “ love” is widely seen in this novel through the characters of John Taylor and Andrea, his wife. They are the symbols of eternal love in these modern days, where love is not a language easily understood.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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