Logic and Material Object

Logic * Derived from the Greek word LOGOS which means primarily the word by which the inward thought is expressed and secondarily, the inward thought or reason itself (Baldemeca, et al.:1) * Generally defined as the science of the laws and principles which govern the reasoning process * The science and art of correct thinking.

It is the study of the principles and laws that govern the process of reasoning and interferences, ensuring validity and truth of arguments

Material and Formal object of Logic

Material Object

Refers to the subject contents to be presented to the student * The material object of logic, therefore, to be studied by the learner are concepts and terms; judgments and propositions; syllogisms and interferences, the principles and laws of argumentation and fallacies, among other * Nothing but the subject matter the course as lessons

Formal Object

Considered the primary object of the course for which the material object of the same study is learned * It is a functional relations of concepts and propositions with reference to valid inference (Bauzon: 22) * Refers to validity and correctness of reasoning

Importance of Logic

The study of Logic develops in the learner the skills to reason out with order, validity, truth, accuracy and clarity.

The knowledge of Logic helps us to prevent us from committing grave error in the acts of thinking and reasoning, more so in communicating.

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It is a necessary aid in evaluating and understanding other studies, more easily and intelligibly. It is a tool in discerning validity and truth of propositions and arguments.

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It prevents us from making conclusions based on false and biased assumptions. Logic contributes to the growth of the individual, values improving the quality of his life as well as community relations. Logic builds in the individual self-confidence, provides a feeling of direction and gives assurance of being in control of one’s situation (Agapay:6)

Logic as a Science

  • Two implications
  • That it is a body of systematized knowledge
  • That investigates, discovers, expresses, systematized and demonstrates the laws of correct thinking Logic as an Art
  • Logic guides man’s reasoning so he can proceed with order and ease and without error in the constructive activity making definition of terms, propositions and interferences.

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Logic and Material Object

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