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Cohabitating before marriage

Categories Family, Marriage, Society

Essay, Pages 4 (909 words)



Essay, Pages 4 (909 words)

The beautiful wedding and the romantic honeymoon are over; now it’s time for the real work to begin – the marriage. You move into your dream home ready to begin your life together, but this is the first time you are living together as a couple and there will be some challenges. Each of your habits, good and bad but mostly bad, will emerge. For him, it’s leaving his dirty clothes on the bathroom floor, leaving plates and cups all over the house, leaving the toilet seat up or having an obsession with pornography.

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For her, it’s leaving her cosmetics in the bathroom sink, squeezing the toothpaste from the middle, not liking to do housework or not being able to cook a decent meal. All of these habits could have been predetermined from simply living together before the marriage; which could also avoid a difficult situation. Living together before marriage is a wonderful way to begin a relationship that may lead to marriage.

In the past, it was considered scandalous for a couple to live together before marriage, however, in today’s society it is a necessity.

Opponents of cohabitation before marriage believe that there is a higher probability of divorce when couples live together before marriage. For them, cohabitating before marriage is a bad idea as it can lead to poor communication, a lower quality relationship, and ultimately divorce. Many persons, however, take the step of cohabitation to prevent going into a marriage that may be short-lived and end in divorce.

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They believe that it is best to live together before marriage to test the relationship. If they live well together just as a couple, it will be an easy transition when living together married.

Cohabitating before marriage can help determine whether or not the relationship will last, how difficult it will be to maintain, what problems can arise once the couple reside together, and how these problems will be solved. Living together before marriage is a precursor to living together when married as the kinks can be worked out, which can lead to a happier and longer marriage. Other opponents of cohabitation before marriage believe that once they live together before marriage the mystery and surprise of getting to know the

spouse is lost. They believe that because the couple has already learnt all of spouse’s quirks and habits. However, proponents of living together before marriage believe that couples should really know what they are getting into before marriage. For instance, they could learn if their partner is messy or clean, or if one person believes that the housework should be done by one partner or shared between the two partners. It is often said that you really don’t know a person until you live with them.

In living together before marriage they will learn their partner’s habits, regular activities, routines, and see how well their individual quirks mesh with each other. When living apart, either party can hide certain bad habits from the other partner, however, when living together they can only hide their shortcomings for so long and eventually their true colors will be exposed. Once you live together before marriage and the parties are getting along and are compatible, there is a good chance that this behavior will continue once they get married.

In the event they are not compatible, many see living together before marriage as a lower risk as if the relationship fails breaking up is considered easier than divorce. Opponents of cohabiting before marriage also believe that this brings unnecessary problems with money and finances. They believe that dealing with one person’s finances can be stressful, so adding another person’s finances into the mix will only increase the stress. This stress can be avoided once the decision to live together before marriage is made.

Both parties can agree on a budget that will ensure not more is spent that what is allocated, for instance, on bills and recreational items. Once they live together, finances and the money saved can be shared between the two of them. Living together means one rental payment and one set of household bills including utilities and gas. It also allows both parties to save for other financial goals, such as investments, savings or spending the funds on the wedding. Cohabitating before marriage also gives the couple the chance to determine before the marriage how the household finances will be handled.

They can decide if one person will be responsible or if it will be a joint effort. They can test run if one person is better with the finances than the other, instead of once being married arguing about it. Living together before marriage can also reveal if either party has bad spending habits of excessive debt, which they may hide living separately. I strongly believe that it is indeed important for couples to live together before marriage. It is a responsible and reasonable decision for a couple to cohabitate before making the life changing decision to marry.

For me it makes sense to share one unit as both persons will learn of each other’s habits, routines, regular activities, and personal differences; then decide whether or not they want to continue in the relationship. Both partners will learn the other partner’s likes and dislikes, each others expectations of the relationship and how to cope in stressful times. Cohabitating before marriage can save a person from an unhappy, unhealthy marriage. Living together before marriage is definitely a necessity!

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