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V for Vendetta
Original title V for Vendetta
Published 1982
ISBN 978-1401208460
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In his introduction to the graphic novel V for Vendetta, David Lloyd wrote that he and Alan Moore intended to explore the role of anarchy within society. They also wanted to examine the idea of revolution and to satirize the Thatcher government. In the graphic novel, the lead character V is an anarchist who wants to overthrow the government. He is also a terrorist who uses violence to achieve his goals.

The graphic novel is set in a future Britain that is ruled by a totalitarian government. The government controls the media and the people are living in fear. V for Vendetta is a story about a man who is fighting against the government. He is using violence to achieve his goals. The graphic novel is a satire of the Thatcher government.

V for Vendetta is a political science fiction graphic novel, written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd. The comic was published in the 1980s and has since gained the status of a cult classic.

The book takes place in an alternative dystopian future where Britain is ruled by a fascist government that imposes severe censorship and restricts individual freedoms. The protagonist, known only as V (short for Valerie), is a mysterious man who wears a Guy Fawkes mask and uses his skills as an expert hacker to stage acts of terrorism against the government. His motives are unclear at first, but it becomes clear that he wants to topple the fascist regime and restore freedom to Britain.

The story starts with V’s introduction to Evey Hammond, who is kidnapped by two policemen after she witnesses them beating up another man. She meets V in prison, where he helps her escape. While she recuperates at his hideout, they become friends and he tells her about his past as an activist fighting against the state’s oppression of its citizens.
Evey eventually decides to join him on his mission: they break into Parliament where they broadcast V’s message of hope through national television channels before setting off explosions that destroy Parliament House completely.

The story begins with a description of post-war England, where the country is under totalitarian rule and people are very afraid. They are afraid to speak out against the government, but they also don’t have much reason to do so—they have no freedom. The main character, Evey Hammond, has grown up in this world and accepted it as normal. Her mother is a prostitute who works for the government, which gives her access to information about what’s happening in other countries. She tells Evey that people in other countries have more freedom than they do in England.

When Evey is 17 years old, she meets V (his real name is unknown), who becomes her friend and mentor through various experiences together—experiences that change both of them profoundly over time.


V For Vendetta takes place in a dystopian future, where England is controlled by an all-powerful dictator named Chancellor Adam Sutler. Britain is a very strict and uptight society, and the people in it are getting very sick of the Chancellor’s fascism. Our hero V for Vendetta decides to take things into his own hands as he sets out on an ambitious scheme to bring down the government with various acts of terrorism. When he meets a young girl named Evey who doesn’t conform with the chancellor’s rules, things get interesting, and V becomes more than just an anonymous terrorist.

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