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Justice in V for Vendetta Essay

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James Warren Pike Essay question: How far and in what ways has a writer presented justice as an important concept? Refer in detail to any work of literature you have studied. Justice is one of the fundamental principles upon which builds a nation. V for Vendetta conveys justice as fairness. V for Vendetta is a film based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd in 1982. Through the plot and motifs presented in the film, we gain insights into the idea of justice.

Several characters in the story bring the juxtaposing views of V? action, while V sets the conflict between fascism and anarchism.

The director, James McTeigue leaves V? s act of justice in the film unjustified, and guides the audience to interpret it themselves. The opening scenes of the film accentuate justice through a voice over, this voiceover not only retells the history of Guy Fawkes, but also sheds light onto the revisionism of V. V as the protagonist in the film, is critical to the representation of justice, because the film portrays the definition of justice through V? s actions.

The Guy Fawkes mask depicts the main adumbration of justice in the film.

Guy Fawkes was involved in the Gunpowder Plot in 1605. The Gunpowder plot was a group of Catholics attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament. V? s impulsion in the film is to destroy the central criminal court, the Old Bailey. V wears a Guy Fawkes mask throughout the film, not only to hide his identity, but also to bequeath the idea of being a superhero to the audience. The Guy Fawkes mask is not a V? s privileged weapon. In the scenes of the Shadow Gallery, the point of view shot of V wearing his mask gives the audience the feeling of wearing the masks themselves.

V also shares the masks with the public and invites them to attend the 5th November protest. The mask is a representation of political justice. These scenes suggest to the audience that all people should have the right to fight for political justice. This is also supported through the history allusion of the Gunpowder plot, where Guy Fawkes was brave enough to stand up against the government. The anonymous V attempts to annihilate the Norsefire dictatorship by killing several members of the party.

James McTeigue illustrates the British government as fascist through the naming the different bodies of the government. „The Eyes? are referred to the surveillance organizations, “The Nose? to the detectives, “The Mouth” to the propaganda and “ The Finger” to the fingermen. V kills “ The voice of London”, Lewis Protherol. Protherol? s rant on V suggests to the public that no on escapes judgement, which is irony to himself getting killed after. On one hand, it was an act of personal justice, because Protherol was a commander in the Larkhill detention camp.

On the other hand, Protherol was one the main propaganda creators, a part of “The Mouth”. The motif of fire strengthens the idea of justice in the scenes of Larkhill. This fire was first introduced in the opening scenes of V. A fiery, sharp blaze swoops across the screen, drawing the letter of „V?. The fire symbolizes destruction, anger, and also passion. The destruction was the violent acts V was going to do, anger was V being tortured in Larkhill, passion was V enjoying the violent acts.

V for Vendetta allows audience to justify the morality of V? action and to identify the British government as a functional institution. The story of Larkhill is told to the audience through the quest of unearthing V? s past. Detective Finch investigates Dr. Surridge? s diary and reveals to the audience how V was taught to obey orders through violence. The same way V pursues justice by killing people who were involved in the Larkhill detention camp. Through the voice of V, the speech given by V on British Televison Network further advocates the idea that all people should have the right to fight for political justice.

V? s speech is also invigorated through a piece of artwork he had in the shadow gallery – A mirror with carved Latin words „Vi Veri Vniversum Vivus Vici? This not only suits V? s love of words starting with the letter V, but also empowers the power of truth. V? s speech on British Television Network accuses the public of bowing down to the High Chancellor Sutler, allowing fear to be the government? s biggest weapon. V fought for fairness because he though „People should not be afraid of their government, the government should be afraid of their people?

V alleged the government of oppressing the people, and justice should be attained through the power of the people. This justice he is suggesting to the people is not violence, but is the power of the truth. V destroys the Old Bailey not only to get attention but also to prove to the public how vulnerable the government may be. Scenes on the roof with Evey, with the background music of parts of the 1812 Tchaiskovsky, suggest to the audience that V was enjoying it and treated it as a musical performance. On the other hand, he broadcasted the music to the public through the public surveillance speakers.

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