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The Duchess of Malfi
Original title The Duchess of Malfi
Author John Webster
Language Early Modern English
Characters Antonio Bologna, Delio, Daniel de Bosola, The Cardinal, Ferdinand, Castruchio, The Duchess of Malfi, Cariola, Julia
Published 1623
ISBN 978-1-4411-0308-2
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“The Duchess of Malfi” is a play written by John Webster in 1612–13. It was first published in 1623. The play is a tragedy, set in Italy, about the love and death of the Duchess of Malfi, a woman who married beneath her station and was subsequently murdered by her brothers.

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How John Webster Depicts Women And Their Behaviors in The Duchess Of Malfi
...In Ferdinand’s cross-questioning of Duchess, he seems to exasperatedly exclaim ‘will you hear me?’ and cuts her off before she can finish her sentence (indicated by the hyphon) ‘’I’ll never marry-‘ – could be seen as a duplicitous res...
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