Essays on Mr Pilkington

Mr. Pilkington is the owner of Foxwood, a neighboring farm to Animal Farm. He is a tall, well-dressed man who is always seen carrying a riding crop. He is a friendly man, but he is also a shrewd businessman. He is not a political man and does not get involved in the affairs of Animal Farm.

Essay themes and ideas about Mr Pilkington

  • Pilkington is a self-interested man who only looks out for himself.
  • Pilkington is hypocritical, often saying one thing and doing another.
  • Pilkington is a coward, shown when he runs away from the Battle of the Cowshed.
  • Pilkington is two-faced, often pretending to be friendly while secretly plotting against others.
  • Pilkington is a liar, often telling falsehoods to suit his own purposes.
  • Pilkington is a snob, always looking down on those he considers to be beneath him.
  • Pilkington is a gossip, always quick to spread rumors and gossip about others.
  • Pilkington is a cheat, often trying to take advantage of others.
  • Pilkington is a hypocrite, often professing to be a friend of the animals while secretly plotting against them.
  • Pilkington is a self-serving man who only cares about himself and his own interests.