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Great Expectations
Original title Great Expectations
Author Charles Dickens
Genre Novel , Bildungsroman
Language English
Characters Philip "Pip" Pirrip, Estella Havisham, Compeyson, Miss Havisham, Arthur Havisham, Abel Magwitch, John Wemmick
Published December 3, 1860
ISBN 978-0-14-303955-2
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In “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens, the protagonist Pip is a young boy who lives in the English countryside with his sister and her husband. Pip is content with his life until he meets a wealthy woman, Miss Havisham, who takes him under her wing. Pip then falls in love with Miss Havisham’s ward, Estella. However, when Pip learns that Miss Havisham has been using him to take revenge on all men, he realizes that he does not want to be with her anymore. Pip then sets out to find his own way in life, and he eventually becomes a successful gentleman.

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