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Alexander The Great
Original title Alexander The Great
Author Philip Freeman

Fantasy, Literary Nonsense

Language Greek
Characters Pishdadian, Keyumars, Hushang, Tahmuras, Jamshid, Fereydun, Iraj, Manuchehr, Nowzar, Zaav ... ...
Published 2004
ISBN 978-0-306-81904-2
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About Alexander the Great Book

Alexander the Great is a historical novel about the great King of the ancient Greek Kingdom of Macedon, Alexander III of Macedon, commonly known as Alexander the Great. The book narrates the life of this King that never lost a battle.

King Alexander succeeded his father at the age of 20. He spent most of his years on the throne conducting military campaigns throughout Egypt and Western Asia. He is considered one of history’s greatest and most successful military commanders.

As expected in a detailed Alexander the Great essay, there are many Asian texts, Latin, and ancient Greek sources on this great King of Macedon. The central surviving histories of this King are written by Arrian, Plutarch, Diodorus Siculus, Quintus Curtius Rufus, and Justin. The book has been a source of inspiration to modern literature; many films, literature summaries, and novels are adapted from the book.


Alexander the Great Book Summary

Alexander III of Macedon was born in Pella in 356 BC. He became King after his father’s death, King Philip II, at the age of twenty in 336 BC. In the book, the writer narrates the nature of his achievements and his failings, both as a man and as a political leader; it asserts that Alexander the Great embodies the best and worst of human nature; he was merciless in pursuit of glory.

A student writing an essay on Alexander the Great must express this King’s life and military campaigns. In ten years, how he had created one of the largest empires in history. It tells us the great and evil consequences of desire, power, sacrifice, and ambition. In the latter part of the book, leaving no successor behind, the writer narrates the story of the civil war that erupted in Greece following his death.

Alexander the Great Quotes

In the book Alexander the Great, the author uses many quotes to narrate the life of King Alexander ll. Some of the quotes are listed here:

  1. “Through every generation of the human race, there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who dare to conquer it are made free, and those conquered by it are made to suffer until they dare to defeat it, or death takes them.”
  2. “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion.”
  3. “Through every generation of the human race, there has been a constant war, a war with fear. Those who dare to conquer it are made free, and those conquered by it are made to suffer until they dare to defeat it, or death takes them.”

 Essay Structure on Alexander The Great

An essay is a formal piece of writing outlining the writer’s perspective or story on a single subject. It is regular school work in middle school, high school, and college. It is quite easy for some; it is as simple as sitting down and beginning to write.

However, essay writing requires a great level of writing skill and knowledge. A successful essay requires great planning. It is essential to follow some writing process steps to have stellar work.

The Introduction

Lead with a bang! An introduction is the first part of any paperwork. This is the first paragraph; it introduces what the essay entails to the reader. The opening is where you present your argument as a thesis statement. Your first few words must begin with an opening hook that captures the reader’s attention, and ensure it entails part of Alexander’s history. You can choose to narrate a little about his upbringing. If written rightly, your introduction should encourage them to read through the rest of your text happily.

Remember, this is where you introduce the interpretation of the topic. Your introduction must show the reader your opinion on the topic. It is an opening statement of what you want to discuss further in the next paragraph of the paperwork.

Body of the Essay

This is an integral part of your write-up. That is why it is called the body. This is where you express yourself in full detail without leaving any stone unturned. This part of your Alexander the Great essay is where you define your opinion about the book, the author’s idea, and your interpretations.

The body of your essay must be arranged in chronological order, and the paragraphs must link with each other. Ensure that all your points are in line with the essay prompt.


This is the closing paragraph of your write-up. After you’ve made your point in the body of the essay, reintroduce the thesis question with a brief answer to what you’ve initially discussed. Then end your essay with a gentle closing remark. 


Tips to Consider While Writing An essay about Alexander The Great

An essay is an academic work that must be written with due diligence. Regardless of the course of study, it is a compulsory assignment for high school and college students.

Essay writing is the most difficult academic work, as most students hate writing. There is no one-fit-all strategy for solving essay problems. However, certain tips will help students write a remarkable write-up.

Read the Book Thoroughly

Writing an essay on Alexander the Great is a  type of essay that involves storytelling and explaining some integral concepts to the reader. This part of essay writing is called research. You are writing to convince the reader about your point of view. To establish a clear understanding of the book and the author’s message, you need to analyze every page of the book, understand each character and the impact they play.

Read through the book carefully, and ensure you have a clear understanding of the book’s characters and the role they play. You can also make use of the pdf format for easy accessibility and also popular reviews and summaries for better interpretation.

Find a compelling topic

An essay is different from a summary. When writing an essay about a book, you must select an aspect you want to focus on. Your topic is an integral part of your write-up; it summarizes your idea. Your understanding of the novel will determine the aspect you want to write about. There are many aspects of the protagonist’s life that the author narrated.

You can generate a title based on his childhood life to the time he was crowned or based on his military campaign throughout Egypt and western Asia. Once you make the list of topics, select the one that best conveys your ideas. Set your focus on the main character; this will give you quick insight into the book.

Create the Outline

This is a chronological arrangement of your work in order of relevance. Firstly, ascertain the numbers of paragraphs you want your introduction, body, and conclusion to have. There are a lot of points to be discussed in your essay.

To have a profound write-up, create an outline of sub-topics you want each paragraph to capture and how you want them to sequentially narrate the story of Alexander III from his birth to his death. Further, break down the subtopics into smaller units of a few sentences. An outline will serve as a guide as you write your essay.

Write the Thesis Statement

This brief statement summarizes your entire idea; your main idea is been divulged. From the themes of the novel, create a specific thesis statement and think about the argument that will support the statement. Also, generate some questions that your argument will focus on in your thesis statement. Also, choose direct quotes from the book to back up your stance.

Include a Lesson or Moral

This is what the story teaches. There are a lot of lessons that can be learned from King Alexander’s life history. Including a moral in your essay shows that you understand the author’s story. In an essay on a historical novel like Alexander the Great, the use of morals is important; it indicates the difference in the perspective of humans during ancient and modern times.

Give a concise moral towards the end of your essay. You can use it as a closing statement in your concluding paragraph.

Conclusion: Proofread Your Work

This is the last stage of your work. Before you submit your write-up, check for any form of error. Correct every grammatical or spelling error. Also, ensure your essay is in the format listed in the prompt. Also, ensure your Alexander the Great essay aligns with the topic and the thesis statement you created from the book’s themes.

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Q: Why was Alexander the Great such a great essay?

A: The book is considered one of the best historical novels ever written. It tells a story of a mighty king. It is a book that narrates the origin of modern civilizations.

Q: What are three reasons why Alexander the Great was great?

A: It’s hard to imagine another man like Alexander, whose personal choices impacted more people’s lives. He was great for so many reasons, to mention three:

  •       A Greek philosopher named Aristotle was his high school teacher
  •       His father was pretty great too
  •       He knew how to crush a rebellion


Q: What are 10 facts about Alexander the Great?

A: Ten facts about King Alexander II are:

  •       Aristotle was his tutor
  •       He was the son of Philip II of Macedon
  •       His army reached India in 327 BC
  •       Alexander always led his army from the front
  •       He was a big drinker
  •       He died aged just 32
  •       The cause of his death remains a mystery
  •       His empire collapsed into civil war after his death
  •       Alexander started dressing like the Persians after he defeated them.
  •       Alexander’s body was preserved in a vat of honey.


What are 3 facts about Alexander the Great?

A: Three notable facts about Alexander are:

  •       He became King at the age of twenty
  •       He never lost a battle
  •       Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of his tomb
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