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A Farewell to Arms
Original title A Farewell to Arms
Author Ernest Hemingway
Genre Realism
Language English
Characters Frederic Henry , an American who serves as an ambulance driver in the Italian army, Catherine Barkley , a British nurse who falls in love with Frederic, Rinaldi , an Italian doctor and Frederic's close friend, The Priest , a Catholic chaplain who befriends Frederic and Catherine, Helen Ferguson , Catherine's close friend and another nurse ...
Published 1929 ( Scribner )
ISBN 684830483
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About A Farewell To Arms Book

The year 1929 marked the release of A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. The book recounts the experiences of an American exile who joined the Italian Army and worked as an ambulance crew during World War I.

The novel written by Hemingway is told from the perspective of a couple in love during World War I. Hemingway, an American author, born in 1899, is sometimes grouped with other authors who became disillusioned with the world after seeing the horrors of World War I.

Like his protagonist in A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway served as a wartime ambulance driver for Italy as a member of the Italian Red Cross. Some have speculated that the title comes from a poem written by George Peele in the 16th century of the same name. The study of American literature would’ve been incomplete without including this widely praised masterpiece.

Book Summary

A Farewell to Arms summary is During World War I, a wounded American soldier is involved in a passionate love affair with an English nurse. Roman numbers indicate the novel’s five distinct parts, called “Books.”

Catherine Barkley and Henry, an American serving as an ambulance driver in the Italian Army, are introduced in the first book. She tells him she is expecting a child and promises they will get married as soon as he returns from the battlefield.

Henry’s love for Catherine is the driving force behind his hope for survival and the motivation for his actions and decisions. Their kid is stillborn, and Catherine, who had terrible labor, passes away from problems related to giving birth. Later on, A Farewell To Arms 1957 movie impresses everyone and gets the same appreciation and love as the novel.

A Farewell To Arms Quotes

Here are some of the most well-known passages from A Farewell to Arms:

● “There were troops on this road and motor trucks and mules with mountain guns and as we went down, keeping to one side, and across, under a hill beyond the river, the broken houses of the little town that was to be taken.”

● “I have noticed that doctors who fail in the practice of medicine have a tendency to seek one another’s company and aid in consultation. A doctor who cannot take out your appendix properly will recommend you to a doctor who will be unable to remove your tonsils with success. These were such doctors.”

● “Catherine Barkley took three days off night duty and then she came back on again. It was as though we met again after each of us had been away on a long journey.”

● “She had wonderfully beautiful hair and I would lie sometimes and watch her twisting it up in the light that came in the open door and it shone even in the night as water shines sometimes just before it is really daylight.”

● “I watched his face and could feel the whole compartment against me. I did not blame them. He was in the right. But I wanted the seat. Still, no one said anything.”

Essay Structure On A Farewell To Arms

An academic writing paper needs to begin with a detailed plan. As a result, the structure of our thoughts and the data’s accuracy have been enhanced. Make sure your structure consists of the following:


A good beginning is necessary to engage the reader. So, it would be best if you kept their attention past the first paragraph. All good introductions need a hook, some background, and a strong thesis statement. The introductory sentence, or hook, should do more than introduce the topic.
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Tips To Consider While Writing An Essay About A Farewell To Arms

After you’ve worked out the intricacies of the storyline, you may apply this model to any story. While writing an essay about “A Farewell To Arms,” you do not need to be concerned about being restricted.

Find A Compelling Topic

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Beginning with a Story

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Create The Outline

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Write The Thesis Statement

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Include A Lesson Or Moral

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Conclusion: Proofread Your Work

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If you find any, you should correct them before moving on. However, because it can be challenging to proofread one’s work, you might want to get in touch with a friend for aid in this process stage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I. What Is The Main Message Of A Farewell To Arms?

Contradictory ideas are explored in A Farewell to Arms, including those of masculinity and femininity, fear and bravery, and the realities of war and love. Despite the novel’s wartime environment, its protagonists find the courage to face their anxieties, challenge traditional gender stereotypes, and fall in love.

II. What Is Hemingway’s Farewell To Arms About?

The story of ex-pat Henry and English nurse Catherine Barkley falls in love against the backdrop of World War I in this novel. The book solidified Hemingway’s reputation as one of the most important authors of the 20th century in the United States.

III. Is A Farewell To Arms Hard To Read?

A Farewell to Arms is simple to read but difficult to digest. The author spares no detail in painting a vivid portrait of wartime existence, including the monotony of waiting, the agony of suffering, the deterioration of morals and ethics, and the strength of friendship among soldiers.

IV. Is A Farewell To Arms Banned?

The wartime love story “A Farewell to Arms” by Ernest Hemingway was challenged at the Vernon-Verona-Sherill, New York, School District in 1980 as a “sex novel” due to its graphic depiction of the Italian retreat from Caporetto in 1929.

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