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Literature review B

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Review, Pages 5 (1134 words)



Review, Pages 5 (1134 words)

Literature review:

The study took place at university of Malaysia (UITM) indicates that the staff employed were causing influenza, stress, headaches who were inactively participating in any of the physical activity. The university held an activity of SAF games to engage its staff to participate in the sports events. Among 5000 staff members less than 5% actively participated in event. It is somehow difficult for employees to engage themselves in any of the physical routine despite being having difficult routine work and work burdens varies.

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Consensus sampling was used and respondents were asked to submit their responses via e-mail. Sports participation and performance evaluation were processed through SPSS by using Pearson correlation. The sample size of 200 respondents were tested among whom 190 responded. The results showed that the higher participation in sports led to strong work performance and enhanced skills. Conclusively, it suggested UITM management to engage their staff more in the work to make them even more productive than they actually were. (R.V. Acosta, 2009)

There were consideration by few organizations to built the team for sports for their organization as it may optimistically lead to their performance enhancement. This increases sense of individual achievement of desired committed goal and enhances sense of promotion. This brings cohesion among team members as it promotes being hospitable and being patient. This causes an increase in the mutual trust of employee’s and this further keep them aware of one’s approach as how to deal with such tasks. To persue the target audience their interviewed samples were kept highly confidential.

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Overall it led to a strong bond among those team players who involved in the team. They exchanged their positions outside the sport court and share their experiences. As overall it’s a fine result to intermingle all of them as they have mutual understanding among them. (BASSETT-JONES, N. 2005)

A healthy individual lead to a healthy generation, likewise a healthy staff of university lead to an energetic leading role in the perspective fields of university and in such a way the society may come along with its norms to continue such practices by revising its policy, regulations. There were sudden rise in number of staff taking pills due to being inactively participated in university progress. Constant online working submission of reports lead to rise in mental illness resulting a loss of quick decision making skills. On annual basis university hold meeting for its inter faculty participation of sports named as “SAF” games to involve the staff into physical healthy activity. This is to evaluate performance how much percentage of employees make active contribution parallel along with their university lifestyle of performance and to continue with physical fintness. Less than 5% responded among 4000 employee’s which is poor symptoms. Such participation by employee’s lead to critical analysis and well planned work management as to how they can manage their extra curricular activities along with busy schedule. Overall sports participation actively lead to work planning techniques, maintaining standards and benchmarks, leading interpersonal skills all such capabilities which a human being should get to have exist. In addition to it there is stablishment of sense of achievement inside a person’s personality to achieve the desired objectives of his life along with his career prospects successfully.

(Braddock, J.H. II. 1980)

As per the American studies its estimated 64% people are obese. Many of the are involved in diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and high blood pressure. The downfall of better economic conditions in U.S lead to increased working hours of the workforce tending them to move towards ready made meals rather than self made in their home kitchens. Ulitimately this reduced time for their exercising reducing their physical health capacity. The companies started paying to club instituitions for the exercise on behalf of their employee’s to get involved in any of the physical activity or exercise to reduce mental illness, to increase productivity and working skills. It was preferred to use presenteeism as to acknowledge the fall in labours productivity. Two groups from Southern California university were choosen. Job satisfaction, sick days and their body shape was in consideration as to know how much have they improve. Two groups were put to test for six months respectively. BMI was considered to know how much improvement has been made. The questionnaire consisted of approximately 17 questions and it was circulated to 1761 alumni of university. About 60% were male candidates covering the entire study to represent as mass audience to cover the objectivity of the reaerch and questionnaire. It showed positive correlation between physical exercise and productivity of workers as they favourably responded it. The study further revealed that there were significant corelations between productivity of those who are fit and have healthy BMI. (Burton WN, et al 2005)

The study aims to emphasis the healthy workforce as it states that the healthier the workforce are the more productive performance will be. It further emphasis that employees at work needs to have actively participation in such activities. They particularly have identified and related it with activity gains which is strongly associated with the physical exercise or activity. The use of exercise increases human capital and reduces undesired stress leading to enhancement of skills with more practical approach. Higher productivity by employee’s lead to more competitiveness of oraganisation’s strength. Multiple public policy campaigns and health associations promote healthy lifestyles engaging people to involve more in sports and maintaining healthy structure representing overall society. It has been multiple suggested that people need to walk approximately for 30 minutes on average basis to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover to it physical sports diverts one’s mind to involve them participating as an incentive to endure and comprehend usefull skills. The involvement in sports lead to participation varies with respect to the person’s capability to make the best use of what they actually can. Exercises varies with respect to the different satisfaction of employee’s as they cope up with different exercises in different timings. As a result employee’s are themselves satisfied with the standards of work perform and the need which keeps them active entire day despite being indulf=ge in the day to day hactic tasks and fatigue work routine.This maintains a benchmarks for the rest of employee’s of organization who aim to work by satisfying needs of organsiation but compromise their physical fitness strategy aligned with work and other performance related work ethics. As a result it leads to the entire benefit to organsiations who work along with their as to cope up with the desired objectives being met in parallel time period. Its evident from the fact that whether exercises are meant to keep healthy lifestyle but it also encourages that it provide sufficient work life balance in the diet of employee’s and in the performance of organization as it succeed in its desired objectives. (Hyytinen, A., and J. Lahtonen, 2013)

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