The Review of Related Literature and Studies

According to Sotelo, 2005, Interactive Learning, is a pedagogical approach that incorporates social networking and urban computing into course design and delivery. Interactive Learning has evolved out of the hyper-growth in the use of digital technology and virtual communication, particularly by students. Beginning around 2000, students entering institutes of higher education have expected that interactive learning will be an integral part of their education. The use of interactive technology in learning for these students is as natural as using a pencil and paper were to past generations.

” The Relevance of the Studythat there is a need for integration of software such as interactive learning.

This could be benefit android application user namely the pre-schooler who does not have the confidence in learning through this type of andoid software that performs interactives functions in a single interface. If an integration would cater mostly to the need of computer users. This software is interactive android learning software that shoes the basic learning needed of a person or student which will greatly help the user in learning in school and at home.

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According to Velvey, 2003Anito: Defend a Land Enraged, is a role-playing game by Anino Entertainment, an independent video game company based in the Manila,

Philippines. It was released on November 22, 2003 for Microsoft Windows. Anito: Defend a Land Enraged is the first ever video game that was produced and designed entirely by a team of Filipino game developers. The game also became a turning point that spawned the birth of game development industry in the Philippines.

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The Relevance of the Study,Anito: Defend A Land Enraged” is made by a Filipino Game Development Company called “Anino Games”. Velvey tells that there are rarely any Filipino-made games that make into the Independent Games Festival. Consequently, “Anito” is also the first Filipino-made Adventure/RPG game that is released worldwide. Like the Brainiac Game is also a Filipino-made games that can released in worldwide.

Acccording to Linog, 2008, Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel,and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Initially developed by Android, Inc., which Google backed financially and later bought in 2005 Android was unveiled in 2007 along with the founding of the Open Handset Alliance ​a consortium of hardware, software, and telecommunication companies devoted to advancing open standards for mobile devices. The first publicly available smartphone running Android, the HTC Dream, was released on October 22, 2008. The Relevance of the Study, that the widest used mobile phone operating system today is Google’s Android. This fast emerging OS provides people of all walks of life the capability to own smartphones that range from cheap ready for the masses mobile to high end posh phones. The Philippines is one of the emerging markets for the Android phones and Game OPS has been forefonts of technology. that fact made us decide to make a game catered for the increasing number of Filipino Android users.

According to Thinkathon Blues, 2010, Wordtrotter, dubbed as the “World’s Coolest Word Game” by fans and gamers from around the world, is the first ever Filipino-made, developed and owned video game on the social networking site Facebook. It is a word game, puzzle game and casual-action game rolled into one. It fuses elements and styles of popular video games – Pacman, Text Twist, and Snake. The Relevance of the Study, the first Filipino-made game on Facebook called “Wordtrotter”. Thinkathon Blues talks about how Filipino-made games can stand toe-to-toe against video games. This shows that Filipino-made games can also be innovative and competitive for the international market.

This gives Filipinos the starting boost they need to enter the international market competitively. According to Mon Macutay, 2014, Manila Rush, is like Subway Surfer but on Manila’s busy streets. Dodging cars and buses and jumping over obstacles in the streets of Manila are not just real life occurrences but also the challenge of a new game called Manila Rush. The Relevance of the Study, Local video game developer Animo Games tries its hand at the local market with the release of Manila Rush, an app that lets you run through the streets of Manila, while avoiding cars and buses, swerving jeepneys and lane-cutting taxis. The app looks like a cartoonish rendition of EDSA, complete with road repairs and blockages, colorful motels and even an MRT running at the side. It is the first independently published game by the home grown developer since their debut game in 2003 with ANITO: Defend a Land Enraged.

2.1.2 Foreign Literature

According to Chis Rowan, 2013, Effects of Android Game, Today’s families are different. Technology’s impact on the 21st century family is fracturing its very foundation, and causing a disintegration of core values that long ago were the fabric that held families together. Juggling school, work, home, and community lives, parents now rely heavily on communication, information, and transportation technology to make their lives faster and more efficient. Entertainment technology (TV, Internet, video games, iPads, cell phones) has advanced so rapidly, that families have scarcely noticed the significant impact and changes to their family structure and lifestyles.

A 2010 Kaiser Foundation study showed that elementary aged children use on average 7.5 hours per day of entertainment technology, 75 percent of these children have TV’s in their bedrooms, and 50 percent of North American homes have the TV on all day. Gone is dining room table conversation, replaced by the “big screen” and take out. The Relevance of the Study, having a Android phone nowadays and maximizing its full potential is just one of the great benefits of having this powerful platform in mobile technologies. Aside from downloading the essential apps, games, music and videos to amuse a child’s creativity, another useful factor that can greatly contributet to a child’s sensible character and mind development is to download educational apps which will not educate but help mold their characters, values, integrity and good behavior. Games apps may keep their mind preoccupied but it does not teach a child proper education. According to Junya Ota, 2009,Touhou Project, is (in short) a game series created by Team Shanghai Alice. I believe that in general, one man, ZUN, does most of the work for the series, from the gameplay to the art, to the amazing music The Relevance of the Study, they define Touhou as one of the best of the best when you talk about Hellshooter games.

Made solely by one man, ZUN, Touhou has gained fame because of its incredible gameplay, apart from the fact that the official art isn’t as good as most games. Apart from that, the gameplay makes up for that part. Described as a game with little girls as characters but with gameplay harder than any game you’ve played. According to McKiernan Gerald, 2010, ‘A’ Is for ‘Android’, The user interface of Android is based on direct manipulation, using touch inputs that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping, tapping, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate on-screen objects. Internal hardware ​such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and proximity sensors—​is used by some applications to respond to additional user actions, for example adjusting the screen from portrait to landscape depending on how the device is oriented.

Android allows users to customize their home screens with shortcuts to applications and widgets, which allow users to display live content, such as emails and weather information, directly on the home screen. Applications can further send notifications to the user to inform them of relevant information, such as new emails and text messages. The Relevance of the Study, Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications that use a modified version of the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance. According to DIGBY HILDRETH, 2011, Challenging the Mind Is a Puzzling Business; Possum Creek Man Develops New Logic Test Described as Sudoku on Steroids, A puzzle is a game or problem which tests the ingenuity of a would-be solver. In a puzzle, one is required to put pieces together, in a logical way, in order to arrive at the correct solution of the puzzle. There are different types of puzzles for different ages.

Puzzles are often devised as a form of entertainment but they can also arise from serious mathematical or logistical problems. In such cases, their solution may be a significant contribution to mathematical research. The Relevance of the Study, Puzzle addicts could soon enter a whole new world of pain and pleasure a as an advanced concept in mental challenges comes into being. Possum Creek man Stephen Jones has devoted hundreds of hours creating a fiendish form of logic test a a Sudoku on steroids a to inflict upon the puzzling fraternity. His creations are, quite literally, a consequence of thinking outside the square, and represent the shape of things to come for those seeking what Mr Jones calls a[approximately]a more adventurous’ challenge for their minds. According to Ortello, 2011, Technology for Education, In this section, you can investigate a range of educational technologies and consider their affordances and limitations in relation to your learning goals. Making decisions about educational technologies can be tricky. Faculty sometimes ask if a specific technology will enhance student learning.

Whether low tech (a chalkboard) or high tech (a 3-D interactive visualization), a tool’s learning benefits depend on when, where, how, and why you use it. We can help you find a tool or set of tools that aligns with your goals, and provide you support as you select and integrate solutions effectively into your teaching.” The Relevance of the Study, states that the best way of teaching people who is more into modern technologiesis let them familiarized the image, and video tutorial they see through this process the user can quickly grab the information they learning, through familiarize a user is able to recall all information they are learning, also he state that by introducing the user to these type of learning he is able to face all the new type of technology that being used in daily life.

2. 2 Review of Related Studies
2.2.1 Local Studies

According to Sumabong, 2009, Interactive Learning, is a pedagogical approach that incorporates social networking and urban computing into course design and delivery. Interactive Learning has evolved out of the hyper-growth in the use of digital technology and virtual communication, particularly by students. Beginning around 2000, students entering institutes of higher education have expected that interactive learning will be an integral part of their education. The use of interactive technology in learning for these students is as natural as using a pencil and paper were to past generations. The Relevance of the Study, the Interactive Learning Software is touch screen base software, which uses both software and hardware in producing more interactive learning tool for the users.

User will learn the basic concept of counting as well as alphabets, playing some musical instruments. Make learning easier and fun with the use of multimedia presentation of alphabets and numbers. There will be simple exercise to help the users to understand the concept in learning. According to Liezl B. Ciar, 2010, Effects of Computer Games, In playing computer games. Even though computer games are common in our life, they have not only good effects, but also bad effects, especially to teenagers. Moreover, even though parents know that teenagers play computer games too much, they do not know that why teenagers are widely excited at computer games, and what the bad effects of computer games are. There are two main causes that teenagers play computer games too much. In addition, playing computer games too much has two main effects.

The Relevance of the Study, This study is focus on the effects of computer games to the third year high school students on their academic studies. To know the different effects of computer games, they conducted a survey to the said respondents. They prepared three questions to the students to answer on how they really affect in playing computer games. The questions are focus on the benefits that they get from playing computer games and the negative effects of these games. And also, if the said issue affect their studies by playing computer games. This research will answer all the problems given regarding in playing computer games among the third year high school’s academic studies. It will provide all the information needed to conduct this study.

According to Javier Marian Santos, 2009, Monkey Gamer: Automatic Profiling of Android Games,The first task consistsof research on Android games in order to know how they are developed,which game design engines are used nowadays and how can we automatisethe execution of Android applications and, in particular, games. The secondstep consists of development of a program called Monkey Gamer that canplay Android games automatically and collect execution traces of the game. The Monkey Gamer analyses the screen shown on a device, recognises theplaces where the user should touch, and interacts with them. Then, consideringeach screen as a state of a state machine, the program tries to coverthe whole game, generating the highest possible number of execution traces.”

The Relevance of the Study, Due to the huge amount of smart-phone applications available nowadays,there is a need to check them in order to know if they are trustworthy, efficient and reliable. Furthermore, research on smart-phones is really intensive, so it is important to be able to easily profile applications and collect data that researchers can use. In this thesis we have focused on Android games as they represent a big portion of Android applications and Android is the most used mobile operative system nowadays. The thesis work can be divided in two main tasks. The first task consistsof research on Android games in order to know how they are developed, which game design engines are used nowadays and how can we automatise the execution of Android applications and, in particular, games. The second step consists of development of a program called Monkey Gamer that can play Android games automatically and collect execution traces of the game.

The Monkey Gamer analyses the screen shown on a device, recognises the places where the user should touch, and interacts with them. Then, consideringeach screen as a state of a state machine, the program tries to cover the whole game, generating the highest possible number of execution traces. In order to test our solution we have compared the traces generated by the Monkey Gamer with the ones obtained by some real players, achieving a significant similarity. The tests were executed on three games, covering different categories and implementation solutions According to Henrik Nelson and Andreas Karlsson, 2011, Automatic meter reading, or AMR, is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from water meter or energy metering devices (gas, electric) and transferring that data to a central database for billing, troubleshooting, and analyzing. This technology mainly saves utility providers the expense of periodic trips to each physical location to read a meter. Another advantage is that billing can be based on near real-time consumption rather than on estimates based on past or predicted consumption.

This timely information coupled with analysis can help both utility providers and customers better control the use and production of electric energy, gas usage, or water consumption. The Relevance of the Study, When maintaining and configuring systems for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) it is important to have access to powerful tools for on-site management of the connected metering devices. These tools include mobile phone applications which allow system operators to directly manage the devices through the physical interfaces they expose. This thesis report explores and describes the implementation of an application, the problems and choices which arose while developing it, like choice of platform and communication protocols. The result is an Android application that is capable of setting up communication variables on the metering devices and reprogram them with new firmware, amongst many other features.

According to Barnoot, 2009, Mobile Phone, a phone that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. By contrast, a cordless telephone is used only within the short range of a single, private base station. The Relevance of the Study, Nowadays, Cellphones are one of the technologies that most people use in their everyday lives. The use of cellphone is one of the fastest growing and most important developments in our time. People used cellphones as the easiest and fastest method of communication. Most students used cellphones to call and text their friends, relatives and other people as well. Until Smart Phones were created, now we are able to browse the internet, play different kinds of games and use more applications useful for productivity which older phones don’t offer.

2.2.2 Foreign Studies

According toLinna, 2009, Cultural Framing of Computer/Video Games, Technology in education is most simply and comfortably defined as an array of tools that might prove helpful in advancing student learning and may be measured in how and why individuals behave. Educational Technology relies on a broad definition of the word “technology.” Technology can refer to material objects of use to humanity, such as machines or hardware, but it can also encompass broader themes, including systems, methods of organization, and techniques. Some modern tools include but are not limited to overhead projectors, laptop computers, and calculators. Newer tools such as smartphones and games (both online and offline) are beginning to draw serious attention for their learning potential.

Media psychology is the field of study that applies theories of human behavior to educational technology. The Relevance of the Study, Information Technology has carried out several studies to evaluate the technical and commercial potential of electronic learning and application tutorials technology can make the world life go easy, a simple mini gadget may be your beast teacher and be your best tutor. According to Kurt Squire, 2008, Computer/Video Games, The recent enthusiasm for educational gaming directs researchers, politicians, game developers and the public toward some important, overlooked issues. What are people learning about academic subjects playing games such as SimCity, Civilization, Tropico, or SimEarth? Might games be used in formal learning environments? This essay argues that these are critical questions to game studies, and educational studies, particularly work in the learning sciences, and offers some important practical and theoretical traditions that games studies can draw upon as it matures as a field.

The Relevance of the Study, Since their inception, computer and video games have both fascinated and caused great fear in the politicians, educators, academics, and the public at large. In the United States, this fear and fascination goes back to the early 1980s, when Ronald Reagan extolled the virtues of games to create a generation of highly skilled cold war warriors, while U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop proclaimed games among the top health risks facing Americans. To be sure, such extreme cultural reactions to technological and cultural innovations are hardly new; mid twentieth-century critics feared that television watchers would become addicted to television, never leaving their homes, and critics before them feared that film would pervert viewers. According to John Corpuz, 2010, 3-D Computer Graphics, that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data (often Cartesian) that is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images. Such images may be stored for viewing later or displayed in real-time The Relevance of the Study, the quality of games is very important as this will determine if a game will be successful or not.

May it be a retro-style graphics or the latest 3-D graphics it’s all about the quality of the game. According to Jon Ledford, 2013, Best Indie Games of 2013, As 2013 comes to a close, game bloggers, vloggers, and journalists around the world are realizing some, if not most, of their favorites are indie games. Where mainstream games often learned merely to count one number higher,indies were again experimenting with graphics, sound, gameplay, genre and platforms. The Relevance of the Study, independent development companies can create experiences that excel far beyond their big-budgeted contemporaries. In order to get their names out there, indie developers must try to prove their worth by stepping out of the box and providing genuine games that players can’t find anywhere else on the map.

Easily seen within this list of the Best Indie Games of 2013, indie developers may have extremely limited resources, but can still put together titles that are just as, if not more, entertaining and compelling than their better-known counterparts. Some of these developers are a one-man-gang in terms of creation – where most development companies would allocate a team to create the sound effects, a team to design the levels, a team to design the models and a team to write the story, there is only one person (or just a couple) at work doing it all. Yet, these titles still amaze us. Without major publishing companies to advertise for them, many of these titles remain relatively unknown, which is a shame considering the level of talent needed to bring them to life. So we’re giving respect to the best small-time hits of this past year with the Best Indie Games of 2013.

According to Deerlittle, 2009, Little Adventures, Skills such as naming colors, showing affection, and hopping on one foot are called developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age. Children reach milestones in how they play, learn, speak, behave, and move (like crawling, walking, or jumping). The Relevance of the Study, Child Development, preschoolers’ age group is one of the most crucial stages of a child as he/she grows up. Parents are of course conscious on their child’s social skills development so as they sent their children to school to learn. Somehow, problems occur in their child when his/her performance in school is not good. Of course, parents would be bothered with it because they want their children to learn in school.

In some instances, a child would have peers of its age but somehow loose them again because of lack of the child’s social skills development. Basically, there are a lot of ways to improve a child’s social development, the parent’s teachings of first steps to interaction, the teacher’s basic lessons for preschool communication and lastly, the use of multimedia in school could possibly help, but in what form? If it’s a courseware or a program that assists individual to learn certain skills, the enjoyment of the child may be lessen, but if we design a computer game that can become a catalyst for a preschooler’s early social skills development, children might find it interesting. Socialization in computer gaming is one of the great ideas for improving a preschooler’s social learning development.

2.3 Synthesis

With the aforementioned reviews of related literature and related studies, the researchers are convinced that the proposed research study which is to make a logic games for the children called Braniac Games that will be implemented accordingly with the purpose of instilling the game’s fundamentals and principles to the consciousness of its players. technical features such as its built -in physics engine, scripting/programming functions and modeling functions that would cater the designing & development process of the game especially the game is proposed to be a logic games. The researchers believe that this study may bring as an advantages to the AMA students, because AMA Makati student can make also an android games that anyone can play and enjoy.

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