Life Cycle Of Promotional Items

You can advertise just about anything in this day and age. Depending on the way you introduce and expose a product could affect in the life cycle of the product. Not enough exposure could cost you money, and the wrong exposure can cost you your brand reputation. Selecting the right medium is important and tricky at the same time. Why advertise on TV? According, to the Nielsen Company “…the average American spends four or more hours a day watching television…”  Advertising on television is a great way to reach millions of people easily because just about everyone watches TV.

You have to consider that the production quality will have a major effect in your ad; Thus, making TV ads the most expensive form of advertising.

For those that have a limited budget, creating a low budget ad could risk you losing your audience and creating a bad reputation for your brand. Another factor you have to take into consideration is the time slot of your ad.

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For example, the most effective times is when you place your ad in the day or evening when most people are home and watching TV. This way you get a lot more exposure as opposed to airing your ad in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping. A disadvantage of TV ads is the pricing, it goes up by the time and how many viewers the ad will reach. Advertising on the radio, on the contrary, is much cheaper than advertising on TV.

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As stated in marketing “Radio ads are 77 percent cheaper than television ads and 86 percent cheaper than newspaper ads in the United States”.

One reason why they are much cheaper than TV ads is that radio ads are easier to produce than TV ads. An advantage would that you can reach your target audience very easily by knowing what station they most likely listen to. But, the disadvantage is that most radio ads go unheard because people are usually doing multiple things at once, or the ad goes by too fast for listeners to hear the information. In my opinion, social media has made advertising much easier and effective. One reason is that everyone is on their phones, no matter how little or how old. Reaching millions of people was never this easy. For instance, on Instagram, you can easily post an image, and a quote containing your product and thousands of people can see it in a matter of seconds.

You can easily build a following on social media for your brand which turns into loyalty.  Many people watch YouTube like if it was a TV and you can air short ads in-between what they are watching. The only problem with ads on YouTube is that most people skip them by pressing the skip button after seeing it too many times. Companies should change their advertisements more often, so viewers can be more entertained by the ads. Another downfall to social media advertising is that people take things the wrong way. As we know we cannot please everyone so being careful about what you post on social media is crucial. I’ve seen so many companies lose their loyal customers by posting the wrong things on social media.

Social media can be helpful but also can hurt your brand and product. In conclusion, advertising on TV is effective but costly depending on certain factors. While on the other side of the spectrum radio ads are cheaper and just as effective. Although, these are both great ways to advertise you have to make sure that your ads run correctly and at the right time for maximum effect. Social media advertisement is also another way to get exposure and build your brand reputation, but you have to be careful on what is posted because while some may get the message others can take offense. These mediums of advertisements are all useful if used correctly.


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