Revitalizing Education for Real-World Success

The school has been under-preparing kids for reality because it falls short on focusing on real-life situations and encourages kids to stay away from being unique and creative. Multiple young adults have fallen short as soon as they enter adulthood because they were underprepared for reality after high school.

I think for kids to understand life, they need to start being better educated right as soon as they start high school. I also think if more schools did this, it would help out the progression of people’s personal growth after high school. Life after high school for some kids is a very hard time. They have a hard time understanding what life and what’s it’s about. Life after high school is very tough and you start to notice this once you find that yourself. It’s kids that had tragedies and hard times growing up in high that realize that life is not just a cake walk. For kids to mature and find themselves, this is a major key.

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Let’s take Jeannette Walls from the glass castle. She came from nothing but was always taught in the most creative ways from her parents. Sometimes her parents weren’t always in the right, but she was living at rock bottom her entire life and this helped her grow and mature at a very young age. After learning this she figures out that there’s more to life than just running around. Not all kids could take this tremendous pressure that she had in her life, but it was the creative and unique ways that her mother and father taught her that made her better understand situations and problems in her life.

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Leading into how the educational system destroys kid’s creativity and puts their focus on popularity status rather than focusing on their studies.

You see this everywhere among young adults coming from high school into college. Some never realize this but ones who succeed notice. They have been focusing on wrong topics like popularity.  Others are not so lucky and worry about so many things and this ruins young adults. They try to fit in and be “normal” when this is not possible because not one single person is similar. People have similar beliefs, but everyone has different goals and aspersions. People that try to stay normalized and don’t believe or stand for because they are worried about if they reach out and stand for something that they’ll fall/fail. What they don’t realize is that we all fall and we all fail but it’s how we come out of these moments is the true success and for people to stay normal is the wrong way to live life and it all starts on how they are treated and what they are conditioned to do from schooling.

The solutions to this issue are very slim. A lot of it comes from a dark topic inside the education system. That problem is the bullying and singles out kids. This is a huge problem with the American educational system. Schools try to correct this issue by having speakers, school-wide PowerPoints/seminars, but the truth is the kids don’t care about these. As soon as they leave school or even as soon as they leave that event, they completely forget about what they talked about. Changes need to happen for the progression of the people. Many young adults have great ideas and it could take just one day for that person to completely forget about that great idea, because they had the courage to bring up this idea to one of their (supposed to be) friends and they make fun of this idea and make this great idea and turn it into nothing.

When what that friend should do is encourage and belief in that other person. There are some solutions that could help try and fix this issue. One way is to hire teachers that are creative and caring. By raising the pay of educators and by improving their benefits I think this would help them start caring more. Not only that but the school should notice who’s actually trying and caring and who is not. This could happen by having regular walk-ins, a better/happier working environment, and school should notice this as soon as they sit down and higher someone. These new educators could help impact and shape these young adults in a tremendous way. If the educators are thinking very deep and are trying to help out these young adults, this will turn over into having the young adults thinking creatively and starting to care and stand for things they believe in.

There are a few other ways but if school systems get outgoing and creative educators that think outside of the box this would help the young adults with being creative, unique, and caring. Young adults have this problem, but what about the educators that are not so understanding and that are stuck in older ways. Educators that are unmotivated to teach and just think of conditioning and training our young adults for the future is just another job. This needs to be understood, and by educating the educator's teachers will better understand that they have these kid’s futures in their hands. For young adults to better understand the world and not just think of today as another day, these older/hardcore practices that some educators are preaching are wrong.

Those practices need to be thrown out and the teachers that use these practices need to better understand themselves and how much the world has changed and also how much they affect young adult’s views on life. Better understanding what bullying is, why it happens, and how to try and prevent it or put a stop to it. This is a huge issue for kids throughout the educational system in the United States and is one of the biggest reason why our kids fail. Young adults are too worried about getting bullied then spreading their ideas and if the teachers can better understand what this bullying exactly is and how to stop it. Some educators notice bullying, and that’s great, but in today’s world, there are so many other ways to bully someone. The main example of this is social media. Social media has poisoned so many people across the world.

If we could have parents regulate screen time and when to allow their child to get social media this would help out immensely. I wish we as a community would continue to preach this as soon as a child is born. Tell and showing our kids and young adults how big the world is and also how many opportunities that they have in it. To many adults tell our kids when they are younger to reach for the stars, but just as soon as they age and get into adulthood reaching for the stars turns into, play it safe. This is the wrong mindset for everyone. More people should be preaching to these kids and themselves that there are so many opportunities in this world that you can accomplish.

Going for what you love to do rather than going for the money. If you do what you love, you’ll find yourself doing work outside of work. Then, when you get really good at that one thing the money will come because you are so committed to what you do. Now, some may say “It’s been the same way for years and worked then, why wouldn’t it work now?” This is a wrong way to look at this. Everything around us is changing and advancing. So, why shouldn't our educational environment? One thing that really destroys this question that some people ask is that people are starting to notice that things need to change.

As a country and community, this is very healthy and is a step in the right direction on why things do exactly need to change. People who make these claims should not be educating our children, because they are less understanding and that is a step in the wrong direction for everyone. Others may say “School has actually gotten easier over the years with technology.” While, in ways this true, but people have gotten so lazy because of this new-found technology. Were nowadays kids can look up any answer on the internet, making them more dependable on technology and not actually learning the content that is being taught.

Also, with technology so many people not only kids but also adults. People have been so attached to their phones and technology that it becomes a huge part of their life. We check our phones to many times in a day making it easier to procrastinate and has formed a new kind of bullying. Making people less in tune with the world and more worried about their social media popularity and status. Today people are living in a very toxic world. That could either use all these new advancements to help further their career or could help completely destroy someone’s life. If we start to show our kids and young adults early in life it could help them come more in tune with the world and life. There would be more successful people in the world and would help improve bullying, being creative, and lastly being unique.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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