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Advertisement Analysis

Paper type: Analysis
Pages: 3 (594 words)
Categories: Advertisement
Downloads: 2
Views: 8

The advertisement is about the “Junk Removal. ” It encompasses that idea of recycling and bringing out the modern version of Houston community. “We’ve seen all kinds of junk, including broken appliances, old furniture, and office equipment, computers, and renovation and construction debris. Being a local junk hauling company, we take pride in taking care and giving back to the Houston community (Junk Removal, 2008).

” Therefore, in order to bring back the tormented places where junks exist within the offices and houses of Houston, this Junk Removal Service is really needed.

Based on my understanding, the advertisement’s claim is that Houston community needs a total rejuvenation and make over through junk removal. To be able to use the spaces where these junks were stored, junk removal is the most effective way to restore the old stuffs as well as creating a new storage for commercialized and personal needs. According to the Junk Removal Service, “not only do we strive to be an environmentally conscious company, but we also strongly believe in helping out those in needs in Houston (Junk Removal, 2008).

” Through this Junk Removal Service, people in Houston will become more responsible and environmental friendly while keeping their community clean. Therefore, the Junk Removal Service is a way to help each citizen in recycling their old stuffs in a more productive manner that will also help their community and whole society as well through recycling. As what the advertisement wants to convey, it persuades its audience to recycle and build a new beginning in rehabilitating their old possessions into a better one and to help their environment in a larger scale.

The advertisement has large target – the commercial, community, professional, and personal environment all throughout Houston. Because the Junk Removal Service is eligible in maintaining the surrounding clean in a safe maintenance, it is a greater knowledge to obtain the path or ways in dealing the environmental issues and discussions through this. In accordance to this, it can be said that the author made a significant and useful attack in persuading the audience.

The readers on the other hand can think on the influences and effects of the junk removal to help them restore their storages. Through significant reasoning, positive commentaries, and testimonials from different people in the advertisement each audience can define that the logic of junk removal is really to penetrate the problems and issues of environment – no more, no less. The advertisement’s description and identity is too short to make each reader to analyze the benefits of the service.

The site relies on the testimonials and positive feedbacks of their clients in different parts of Houston. Therefore, they did not recognize the real aspect of junk removal in a deeper and broader knowledge. It only means that the advertisement needs to be more specific with their target and actions on how they do it to maintain their community cleaner and better. “Our truck team members have generously donated their time cleaning and hauling away construction debris from new and rebuilt home sites for those less fortunate (Junk Removal, 2008).

” Junks became a significant problem of each community if the people refused to clean or restore their places. Each of us really needs a break to be restored and revitalize the main aspect of living – to live in a hassle-free environment. References The Houston Chronicle. (2008). “Chron. com: Where Houston Lives. ” http://www. chron. com/ 1-800-GOT-JUNK? LLC and RBDS Rubbish Boys Disposal Service Inc. (2008). “Houston, Texas: Hauling Junk in Houston. ” http://www. 1800gotjunk. com/Houston/

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Advertisement Analysis. (2020, Jun 01). Retrieved from https://studymoose.com/advertisement-analysis-new-essay

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