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Lewis Thomas Chronicles Analysis

Lewis Thomas chronicles in The Medusa and the Snail, the necessity for error as a means to better educate and fulfill human potential through the rigors of trail and error. Showcased through out the course of human history is the propensity for errors and/or accidents to lead to vast realms of knowledge unbeknown to man kind; achievements that would therefore have escaped the grasp of the minds without these magnificent blunders.Encompassing man kinds existence on this planet is the error that leads to wonderful ramifications and life altering discoveries.

Without human destiny to err, our very nation would cease to exist as presently constructed.

Christopher Columbus would not be the great explorer we know him as today having failed to fail in his attempt to reach India. Penicillin which has been employed to aid in the recovery of millions of ill patients, was in fact an accidental discovery. How could error possibly be construed as negative, when our own existence has been wonderfully impacted by the propensity to deviate from the norm? Our very world would still be impacted by disease that have been eradicated such as Polio and Small Pox if not for the human right to operate under the doctrine of trial and error.

A free mind would in no conceivable manner be plausible because it to can have the occasional slip up. Whats more, we have a need to be flawed in order operate at an optimum level. Computers run systematically according to algorithms that software engineers have place within them.

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Computers have limited fallacies, but such systematic operation would be impossible due to the most powerful device known to man kind, the human brain which is littered and only functional with ability to miscalculate. As Americans, our formal education process revolves on the philosophy of learning from one’s own mistakes.

Just this year I have been subjected to the rigors of writing well over 50 essays in the hope of transforming my once simplistic and undeveloped writing skills into well a well honed craft. Since the time the education process occurs, students are taught a certain skill which they are then expected to master through trial and error such as homework and classwork. Vast quantities of knowledge have evolved from the simple flaws in labor. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, the model of DNA, and X-Rays can simply be attributed to a fluke occurrence. Our imperfect nature is what truly make humans unique, and in a way even more perfect than possibly fathomable.

Label it fate or destiny or a right to commit erroneous actions, but it is strikingly obvious that this less than stellar behavior is in fact quite stellar and perfect in its fallacies.To remove faults within humans would be to make us as a species of mindless drones. In extracting defects from the human entity humanity is lost as well as the deterioration of the exquisite beauty of a free mind as well as the unique personality known to man kind. Lewis Thomas assertion that at “the very base of human thought” are mistakes is both intelligent and a clear cut ideology that has been exhibited throughout bygone times. A free spirit and mind is borne through the perfect faults of the human mind.

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