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Essay on Language learning

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Deaf Like Me Book Review

This book was really interesting and touching. The parents of Lynn, the deaf little girl, were very strong parents and their struggle to be able to make their daughters life as normal as possible was hard for them since everywhere they went the answer the always got was, for Lynn to try to talk and be treated as a normal child. As parents, Louise and Tom did everything they were told and only hoped for the best and that one…...

Me Talk Pretty One Day

This essay written by David Sedaris is a walk down memory lane where David tells about his experiences and troubles when he studied French in Paris. The story takes place the first day after the vacation. He moved to Paris with hopes of learning French but it turns out that it was not as easy as he first thought. He only had one month French class before he left the safe hometown of New York. The school is an international…...

A Perspective on Language Learning

Group Profile It's a mixed group with a very mixed cultural background as only three students are actually from Germany. Four of the students were born in another country e.g. Lithuania, Turkey, France and Romania. They all moved to Germany as adults and all share German as a common language. The group is heterogeneous concerning the age they started learning English. Two students started learning as adults while the others started learning at school. Most of the students have learnt…...

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The use of dictionaries in language learning in high school

Intro Why should we encourage trainees to utilize dictionaries? Dictionaries establish learner autonomy. They are a helpful resource for looking into various significances, junctions, examples of usage and basic pronunciation. If students understand how to use them successfully, there are numerous hours of self-guided research study to be had with a great dictionary. The best method to match a dictionary investment is strong study abilities. As teachers we play a crucial function in developing those abilities, and this short article…...

The Exploration Of Presupposition In Semantics

Introduction Presupposition is originated in the field of philosophy and it was proposed by German philosopher Ferge in 1892. In the 1960s, presupposition entered the area of linguistics and became a significant concept in semantics. Later in the 1970s, Keenan introduced presupposition to the pragmatics to describe a relation between a speaker and the appropriateness of a sentence in a context (Levinson: 177). Hence, presupposition can be distinguished into two categories: semantic presupposition and pragmatic presupposition. This thesis is mainly…...

Teaching Methods for Getting a Foreign Language

Both the grammar translation method and communicative language teaching are teaching techniques for getting a foreign language. Whereas the grammar translation technique concentrates on the translation of certain grammar rules and the translation of vocabulary, the communicative technique objectives for obtaining the skill of communication for the student Scrivener (2011 ). Both approaches are reliable in their own method, although the communicative approach concentrates on the real goal of language, namely communication between people. In this essay the grammar translation…...

Language Acquisition and Being Bilingual

In today’s society, twenty percent of the United States citizens are bilingual which demonstrates that America is rapidly growing. With all this growth, people are becoming fast learners when it comes to accumulating multiple languages. With the good comes the bad, therefore not all people are fortunate enough to learn and develop another language. By understanding and comprehending two languages you have achieved a big accomplishment. Being bilingual is important, especially in today’s society, because it allows people to become…...

Benefits of Being Bilingual

Being bilingual allows you to communicate better with other people. It can aid you in school, business, travel or everyday life. Many people find that learning a second language also helps them improve their first. Phonetics, grammar points, and other things that native speakers usually take for granted, you will start to notice in your own language after learning about them in another. It's important to be bilingual because it knowing two different languages or more you can communicate with…...

Introduction To TESOL

Using what you have read in this introduction to TESOL and your own knowledge, what do you consider to be the blocks which may prevent language learning? When speaking about difficulties in learning and teaching foreign language different authors use different terminology. Some of them speak about mistakes, misbehavior (Cummings, C.: 2000), sources of friction (Smith, C. J., & Laslett, R.: 2002), some – about anxiety (Nishimata, T.: 2008), troubles, difficulties and so on. For better understanding let’s summarize all…...

Language Acquisition by Learning Linguistic Gambits

It is an agreed upon fact that language is mainly used to fulfil two basic functions: the first is the transactional function which is related to the communication of information and the other is the interactional function which is concerned with establishing and maintaining social relations between the members of a speech community (Brown and Yule 1983: 1). This latter function, which is also called the phatic communion, is of great importance since it is responsible for harmonizing people’s life.…...

The Problem of Translation

Domestication and foreignization are strategies in translation, regarding the degree to which translators make a text conform to the target culture. Domestication is the strategy of making text closely conform to the culture of the language being translated to, which may involve the loss of information from the source text. Foreignization is the strategy of retaining information from the source text, and involves deliberately breaking the conventions of the target language to preserve its meaning. These strategies have been debated…...

Learning Types of Translation

Administrative translation The translation of administrative texts. Although administrative has a very broad meaning, in terms of translation it refers to common texts used within businesses and organisations that are used in day to day management. It can also be stretched to cover texts with similar functions in government. Commercial translation Commercial translation or business translation covers any sort of document used in the business world such as correspondence, company accounts, tender documents, reports, etc. Commercial translations require specialiast translators…...

Learning Translation Transformation in Language

Translation is an informational process, which means that translator should render information transmitted as fully as possible. However, this can be achieved only if certain structural and semantic changes are introduced. These changes, which are caused by lexical and grammatical differences between languages (and broadly speaking - by the differences between the respective cultures), are called transformations in translation. Grammatical transformations in translation Most writers on the subject distinguish between the following grammatical transformations in translation: 1. Transposition is a…...

Linguistic Approach to Translation Theory

When a text is being translated it is usually segmented into smaller parts which are easy and convenient to translate. Such segments of a text are known as units of translation. V. N. Komissarov uses the term “переводема” to refer to this notion. One of the foreign pioneers of the theory of translation J. Catford introduced the term ‘rank of translation’ in his book “A Linguistic Theory of Translation” (London 1965) which was used in a similar meaning. According to…...

Lost in Translation - Linguistics

“Most linguists would say that there is no such thing as a perfect translation and that something is always lost when we move from one language to another. ” Sometimes when translating, there might be the difficulty, of finding a word that expresses or means the same thing, and because there isn’t one specific word that means the same as the other, instead of putting one word, many are used, to describe the words meaning. Each language has a specific…...

Translatability and Poetic Translation

Translation used to be considered an inter-language transfer of meaning, which is the point of departure for research and study. Many earlier definitions demonstrate this, using source language and target language as their technical terms. Moreover, translation theories strictly confined themselves within the sphere of linguistics. For many years the popular trend in the translation circles had been perfect faithfulness to the original both in content and in form and it had been regarded as the iron criterion as if…...

Primary Progressive Aphasia

The terms 'jargon aphasia' and 'jargon agraphia' explain the production of incomprehensible language consisting of frequent phonological, semantic or neologistic mistakes in speech and writing, respectively. Here we explain two patients with primary progressive aphasia (PPA) who produced neologistic lingo either in speech or writing. We recommend that participation of the posterior remarkable temporal-- inferior parietal region might lead to a disconnection between stored lexical representations and language output paths resulting in aberrant activation of phonemes in neologistic jargon. Parietal…...

Arabic Dialect

It is well known that Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world. In the world there are many languages are spoken and become popular among the people. Among those languages Khaliji is an Arabic language. This is also called Gulf Arabic. It is widely spoken in Kuwait. The meaning of this language is gulf word. Khaliji Arabic has the influence of various languages in the Arab world. It is not only spoken in Kuwait but also in…...

Disadvantage of Bilingualism for Language Acquisition

I need to confess that bilingualism has several benefits. Nevertheless, tackling this concern, the linguistic conditions in which kids are raised to be able to speak two languages equally well ought to be also considered. Lots of linguists underline that while introducing the 2nd language to student, his/her direct exposure to a given linguistic system is crucial. Thusly, moms and dads making every effort for teaching their kids a secod language/a non-native language typically depend on industrial language products such…...

Language Learning

It is based upon the structural view of language and the behaviorist theory of language learning.The audiolingual technique to language teaching has a great deal of resemblances with the direct method. Both were thought about as a response against the shortcomings of the Grammar Translation method, both reject making use of the mother tongue and both stress that speaking and listening competences preceded reading and writing competences. However there are also some differences. The direct approach highlighted the teaching of…...

Homonyms and Antonyms

“Words identical in form but quite different in their meaning and distribution are called homonyms” [1, 74]. “Homonym is a word that is spelt like another word (or pronounced like it) but which has a different meaning” [2, 464]. The term is derided from Greek “homonymous” (homos – “the same” and onoma – “name”) and thus expresses very well the sameness of name combined with the difference in meaning The traditional formal classification of homonyms is as follows: Homonyms proper…...

Systemic Functional Grammar

Systemic functional grammar (SFG) is a form of grammatical description originated by Michael Halliday. Michael Halliday (born 13 April 1925) is a British linguist who developed the internationally influential systemic functional linguistic model of language. His grammatical descriptions go by the name of systemic functional grammar (SFG). Halliday describes language as a semiotic system, "not in the sense of a system of signs, but a systemic resource for meaning". For Halliday, language is a "meaning potential"; by extension, he defines…...

Standard English: Verb

Standard English" is the literary dialect used in formal writing and in the speech of well educated persons. It descends from the West Saxon dialect of Old English, specifically the dialect of London. "Non-standard English" includes many regional dialects, whose grammatical forms and words ( such as ain't and varmint, for example) are not exactly incorrect but are unsuited to formal discourse; and the non-regional dialect known as Black English ( or Ebonics ) which has a prominent substrate of…...

The Importance of Fluency and Accuracy in Language Learning

Acknowledgments: This work gratefully acknowledges the help of many individuals, who had contributed in doing this study. First, I would like to thank my module coordinator Mrs. Sanghvi for her effective feed back on my papers. Second, I would love to thank my family and especially my father Dr. Talib for his support of my work. Also thanks for every effort that has been made by my uncle Mr. Ghalib Al-Bir. Thanks to all members of the English department in…...

Language Learning Strategies

Japanese designed site meant for starters in English language. In it are so many great links that are not only useful but also interesting to kids and other ESL learners. The reason for making it interesting is that kids may get bored if the material is not appealing to them. This site is maintained by TESL, the internet journal and the input is from teachers across the globe. This gives a lot of credibility to the site. Several books also…...

Verbs In English

All verbs in English are classified as either stative or action verbs (also referred to as 'dynamic verbs'). Action verbs describe actions we take (things we do) or things that happen. Stative verbs refer to the way things 'are' - their appearance, state of being, smell, etc. The most important difference between stative and action verbs is that action verbs can be used in continuous tenses and stative verbs can not be used in continuous tenses. Action Verbs She's studying…...

Bilingual Person

Years back, being bilingual was an element of an individual that made them stick out from the others and be different. What if I inform you that in this modern society, being multilingual is simply being among the many thousands? A multilingual person is one who has the knowledge or intelligence of knowing 2 or more languages. Nevertheless, there are various levels and phases of bilingualism. There is private bilingualism which is when an individual understands his/her native tongue and…...

Relative Clause vs Appositive in English Language

An appositive is a word placed after another word to explain or identify it. The appositive always appears after the word it explains or identifies. It is always a noun or a pronoun, and the word it explains is also a noun or pronoun. Example: My uncle, a lawyer, is visiting us. My teacher, Miss Marshall, is very strict. An appositive phrase consists of the appositive and its modifiers which may themselves be phrases. Example: My radio, an old portable,…...

The Advantages of Being Multilingual

The world we live in is rapidly growing into an enormous melting pot and most of us are very aware of the fact that the ability to speak a foreign language has never been as vital as it has been in the 21st century. Learning a new language offers many new career opportunities as well as other advantages which are often ignored. Among the less obvious benefits is the change in perspective one will gain from seeing the world through…...

The Role of Universal Grammar in Second Language Learning

Universal Grammar has been one of the most debated topics in linguistics since its inception in 1976. As to its role in first language acquisition, UG has already established a name because it has fully explained why children are able to learn their mother tongue or any other language in such an easy and rapid way. However, in terms of second language acquisition, more debates are still in progress. The bright side in all of these is that despite the…...

Learning English by Idioms Denoting Parts of Body

Introduction It prevails knowledge that one of the most crucial functions of language is to name the world or express human thoughts through a system of concepts. They exist in association in language and comprise a huge network with many interconnection and association amongst the various subparts. A great example of this interconnection involves metaphor. Metaphor is used in the literary or poetic language. It is likewise commonly utilized in every day conversational language. It is obvious that metaphor is…...

Sanskrit Language

This reference guide evolved naturally out of our studies of Ayurveda and deepening interest in the original language of this sacred science. It was compiled with the loving intent of helping to make the ancient language of Sanskrit more accessible to students and practitioners of Ayurveda. This reference contains the terms used in the primary textbooks utilized by the California College of Ayurveda plus terms drawn from a variety of other sources. The language of Sanskrit is vast, and this…...

A Critical Review of Infant Artificial Language Learning

They also give evidence which comes from experiments showing that newborns discriminate a passage read aloud by their mothers during the last six weeks of pregnancy from an unfamiliar one. Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken’s observation about this phenomenon is very helpful especially for those who are learning about the mystery of how children acquire their language and it is only how but also since when children especially infant acquire the language and it can be answered by Rebecca…...


COMPUTER ASSISTED LANGUAGE LEARNING (CALL)Definition:It is an approach to teaching and learning in which computer and computer based resources such as internet are used to present, reinforce and access material to be learned.It also includes the search for investigation of application in language, technology and learning.CALI:The term CALI (Computer Assisted Language Instructions). CALI was software used before CALL.It fell out of favor among language teachers, as it appeared to imply teacher-centered approach whereas language teachers are more inclined to prefer…...

Children Playing Game of Word Wall

What is Word Wall The word wall is the collection of words that has various words. The word wall includes words that children can use in their daily learning environment. Different age groups use it in many ways. It can be math word wall that consist math symbols and numbers. The science word wall includes animal species or names. They can be use as a bulletin board. The word wall provides a platform for children to learn more easily and…...

Bilingualism as a Phenomenon

As a completely unique medium for expressing our mind, thoughts, and feelings, language exhibits numerous aspects of human lifestyles, and it opens the door to the anthropological evaluation of many biological and cultural phenomena. Many linguists have defined language and its techniques primarily based on monolingualism, or the usage of most effective one language, which has been erroneously concept of as a dominant form that exists in the regular conversation of many groups around the arena. This arguable and fractional…...

Foreign Language Learning: Self-Confidence

Among many qualities that make foreign language learning successful is being confident. Self-confidence is a vital aspect of the learning process; the amount of confidence can affect one’s level of understanding in learning. Confident people will believe in their potential and can motivate themselves to be better. People need to be brave in expressing themselves in learning a foreign language so that they know the extent to which they can speak a foreign language (Sheeba & Karthikeyan, 2018; Akbari &…...

Arabic Language e Learning

Introduction Within the English parlance there exists a axiom that 'knowledge is power ' - this statement is substantiated by the fact that throughout recorded history civilizations have placed great importance upon acquisition and the acquisition of cognition. However, this brings forth a more of import inquiry - how in world was this knowledge-base acquired. Basically, the most efficacious agencies in continuing this cognition was composing. This presents a job of its ain - the innovation of alphabets and linguistic…...

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