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Essay on Language learning

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Deaf Like Me Book Review

Several incidents that happened in the story were very interesting like when Lynn was able to say “Blue” after touching her father’s chest and then hers. This I didn’t even know it was going to work but it did. When Mr. Hughes went up to talk at the meeting and was saying nothing but negative stuff about sign language it bothered me because he should want to try something that was better f...

The use of dictionaries in language learning in high school

In the specialized ELT dictionary, the student and non-native teacher have a powerful tool at their disposal, not always a perfect tool, but nonetheless a useful one, with which to gain further understanding of the range of use of new language, leading eventually to accurate production, mainly in writing. Although the dictionary can put the student in charge, teachers often do no train their stude...

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Language Acquisition and Being Bilingual

Bilingual adults have a clear edge in business world. By being able to communicate in two languages, you have twice as many opportunities to land a great job. Being bilingual makes it easier to travel, find a job and belong to this new global world inside and outside of the U.S. Children’s brains are primed for the necessary language skill developments in a way that adults’ aren’t. Many of ...

Language Acquisition and Being Bilingual

It's important to be bilingual because it knowing two different languages or more you can communicate with other people from different places you go who speak different languages. You have a way better chance of getting a good job because if you have to work with people who speak a different language or if people who speak a different language switch over to your company then you will be able to c...

Introduction To TESOL

“As with all learning skills, pupils will be more motivated when they are interested in what they are thinking about or see a real purpose for their thinking” (Wilson, J., & Murdoch, K.: 2008). It’s far not all the blocks and not all the ways of overcoming them but I think that student’s blocks and the blocks of a teacher are deeply connected. And if a teacher has strong blocks in teac...

Learning Types of Translation

Text development is more often used in consecutive translation. It is reflected in the note-taking procedure. Text development in the course of interpretation is the restoration of the full composition of the source sentence, starting from its syntactic and semantic core, accompanied by compliance with syntactic and semantic standards of the target language. The note-taking procedure includes main...

Learning Translation Transformation in Language

Unfortunately this hypocritical idiomaticity has not been rendered in translation. However, the translator tries to compensate for this loss by increasing the level of irony further on in translation. Translation of the words gain and money also illustrates the technique of compensation: in the source text the first word Jonas learned to spell is gain and the second -money. In the, Ukrainian trans...

The Importance of Fluency and Accuracy in Language Learning

In short, this research has arrived at a combination of figures that demonstrate the distinction of fluency over accuracy. First, fluency is a tool of communication, and the main purpose of learning a language is to be able to deliver your ideas to others. Second, accuracy is the tool of competence and matters only in exercises, exams and grammar/vocabulary activities, whereas fluency is the real ...

Language Learning Strategies

Oxford, R. (1990): Language Learning Strategies. New York, Newbury House Mayer, R. (1988): Learning Strategies: An Overview, in Weinstein, C et. al (Eds. ) New York, Academic Press. Genishi, C. (1989) Observing the Second Language Learner: An Example of Teacher’s Learning New York, Prentice Hall Elly, W. B (1991): Acquiring Literacy in a Second Language, Baltimore. Collins Publishers Boyle, O. F...

The Advantages of Being Multilingual

Being bilingual adds to the expansion of one’s knowledge and understanding. It works wonders on a CV. A bilingual person is always given priority over a monolingual person. It offers a wider choice of jobs in various fields. Bilinguals can get prosperous career opportunities in the retail, transport, tourism, administration, public relations, marketing, banking, accountancy, translation, law and...

The Role of Universal Grammar in Second Language Learning

This means that even the most complex structure can be built from the simplest structures. Another principle would be the economy of structure which postulates the idea that “there is no level or type of structure in the grammar that is not absolutely necessary for describing the specialized cognitive system that is human language”. These two would affirm the contention of UG that languages ar...

A Critical Review of Infant Artificial Language Learning

Conclusion Infant Artificial Language Learning and Language Acquisition by Rebecca L. Gomez and Louann Gerken is a journal that expose about infant artificial language. They explain how infant acquire language from their own observation and they also made a grammar special for infant in order to complete their observation but besides that, they also take some observation which also already been di...


Speech recognition is less advanced than speech synthesis. It has been used in a number of CALL programs, in which it is usually described as  HYPERLINK " o "Automatic speech recognition" automatic speech recognition (ASR)."Complex cognitive processes account for the human ability to associate acoustic signals with meanings and intentions. For a computer, on the other hand, speech is essentially...

Foreign Language Learning: Self-Confidence

From that, people who instill confidence will feel a positive aura that drives them to remain optimistic. Putri, Yufrizal & Simbolon (2013) observe that students with high self-esteem got an average of 87.40 in speaking ability, normal self-esteem’s students got 77.80, and low self-esteem’s students got 66.80. This shows that self-confidence is an important asset in learning a foreign language...

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