My Reflection Essay On English Writing Class

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In the past 4 weeks until now, I have seen myself a grown writer by being part of English 101 class. I have accomplished the goals in writing which I was struggling with. My portfolio is a great example of showing how my writing and reading skills have developed so far. In the beginning of class, I found it hard to answer the essays prompt and that led me to begin a writing paper that was completely of an erroneous meaning. I compared my final drafts with one of my drafts I did in past and I realized there is a huge difference in my drafts.

The first drafts i wrote, didn’t really have all the requirements that were mentioned in the essay prompt but as the class went on, I started to comprehend what each prompt was asking for. Compare to first essay, the final drafts I am turned in has many differences between them. The things I really had to work on was reinforcing arguments, organizing the paragraphs, shaping the essays in right way.

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This is reason which shows how my writing has improved so far in this class.

First of all, during this class I learned how to help the thought in such good way by collecting all of the sources in the most ideal way which I could use in writing an essay. I also learned and figured out how to use the information of academic articles, documents, popular articles, book such as pursuing happiness etc. to make the argument in my writing stronger than before.

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During this class, I learned how to get rid of an unnecessary information and focus on what makes my argument strong in an excellent way. Managing searched investigations all through the drafting procedure helped me to make the choices about the association and logics of structures by looking gap in the logic and narrow the search down to sources that could additionally help clarify the arguments.

For the happiness essay, I started the essay with smart and good thoughts, but those ideas were in lack of routes and the instructions, I prefer to give more information about thesis which wasn’t even ensuring the thesis in the direct way. In my writing happiness first draft essay, I started the essay directly writing about discussing the happiness and the argument regarding to it. At that time, I didn’t understand that I was needed legitimate background information and that I expected to limit on my focuses down to what I genuinely needed to argue. But I took an educational route, after reading through the draft and by receiving feedback from the professor. I could separate my argument and give the suitable background information, so the reader is always understanding it the easy way.

Secondly, my revision procedure is based mostly on the feedback by the teacher and feedback by companion. My second drafts more often than exclude the majority of my thoughts on paper. The next draft looked complete with more statements and analysis. There was a major role of revision during the time spent producing and finding arguments in light of the fact that as I was revising from the feedback I got, it helped me to focus on the paper. I have figured out how to go over my work a few times, so I can correct any errors, including grammar, punctuation etc. in efforts to make my paper as expert and organized as possible. The feedback which I got from the teacher was very beneficial in light of the fact that she guided me the correct way and commented when something was excessively unimportant, making it impossible to the issue.

Thirdly, in the final draft of Happiness I figured out how to write an essay on academic level with all the given instructions. In the final draft, I focused around on structural division and reorganize passages. I typically struggle the most on making transitions starting with one passage then onto the next. I made a reverse layout to see my organizations all the more in clear way and after that in my passages I also included a conclusion explanation that ties the sections together. In my last composition draft I focus more on the unnecessary sentences and locate the correct words to make the arguments looks clearer.

In moving to final draft of eight pages essay, I reworked on all the word choices and the structure of sentences. I provided the necessary amount of information with plenty of sources and supporting evidences using examples. I did almost everything in terms of what the prompt has asked to do. I was able to fix all the errors in writing and also could get a peer editing done. However, my final draft had still some mistakes in wording and little in organizing. I need to pay attention to instructions carefully from the next time. My thoughts are now able to more complex because I have learned about how to sustain a logical argument in an organized manner. My writing has become increasingly more concise. Furthermore, learning about how to peer review articles, also helped me to expand the scope of my researches. My writing has become more interesting than how it used to be before. Thus, I feel like I have learned so much in this class. I feel that I have expanded my analysis level in literature and writing skills.

All things considered, this class enabled me to wind up a more engaged and professional writer. I currently know what mistakes to search for when composing and what ideas to focus around. I have understood the importance to remove any insignificant information and concentrate more on what is going to directly express what is on my mind. With the feedback my professor gave me, it has enabled me to expand my reasoning and take a look at various perspectives in regard to my theme, so I have as much information possible and have the capacity to write a more point by point, precise, and sorted out paper. I trust that with the methods I have received during this course and with the progressions I have made that I have improved as a good writer. I feel very confident about my written work and plan to keep applying the greater part of the information I have been given in this class with the goal so that I improve myself each day and become very good at writing.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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