Reflection paper about educational class

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Reflection paper about education class


           Child safety involves preventing the child from physical, psychological and emotional harm. I have learnt a lot from this course since child safety is a major issue in the society. This is because as a grown up I am obligated to take care of all the children. I came to learn that child safety is very crucial since it sets the foundation of the child development. This will make the children to feel appreciated and loved as the parent guide them in decision making which is very crucial in their lifetime.

I also came to learn that child safety is more than providing food, shelter, education and other basic needs, but it entail protection from harm resulting from abuse and neglect.

I came to learn that child are at high risk of injuries, accidents and crime which necessitate appropriate measures so as to provide a safe environment for the children. I learnt that there are several ways of enhancing child safety which include: providing a safe environment, implementing safety measures as well as educating protective measures to the children.

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I also learnt that parent advice is paramount as it guides the children on appropriate safety measures. Parents should also listen and respond to their children’s needs which ensure they maintain good rapport between parent and the child.

In conclusion, child safety is becoming a social concern since children are likely to face many risky situations. Providing necessary child safety is very central to every child especially in their development.

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This is because the children grow up in a safe environment free from abuse and neglect. Children should be protected from physical, emotional and psychological harm. However, it is imperative to provide the appropriate level of child safety since overprotecting the children have adverse consequences.


Child care safety checklist for parents & child care providers. (2009). Bethesda, Md.: Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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Reflection paper about educational class

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